The Kingdoms in Ebanda: Returning of Dinosaurs (DEMO RELEASED)

The story is about Kingdoms which are located on a continent named Ebanda . Kingdoms of the South were living in peace while everything took a dark turn for Kingdoms of the North. They faced the last thing they would ever expected to see.

The returning of dinosaurs.

They had no idea how dinosaurs returned, but they knew those animals were very dangerous after they started attacking people. The only way to stop dinosaurs from destroying their home was uniting with Kingdoms of the South. But, it wouldn’t be easy since all of the leaders had different personality and rules. Some of them would not want to put their people in danger.

Could you change their mind?

Kingdom of Agnes
Kingdom of Banis
Kingdom of Elias
Kingdom of Rodia

Kingdom of Panas
Kingdom of Mula
Kingdom of Remes

Queen Ayan of The Kingdom of Rodia - She’s a brave woman and the leader who people pour their hopes and dreams into. They would sacrifice themselves for her without hesitance.

King Adrien of Kingdom of Elias - He’s fierce and revengeful person. He never shows mercy to his enemies or traitors.

Queen Eleanor of Kingdom of Banis - She’s gentle and merciful leader. Unlike King Adrien, she shows mercy to the enemies who surrender to her.

King Atlas of Kingdom of Agnes - He always thinks with his brain, not with his heart. He only cares about his people’s safety.


  • You can choose your name, gender and sexuality.
  • You can choose name of your Kingdom.
  • You can make rules for your people.
  • You can write the history of your Kingdom
  • You can be a cruel or a peaceful leader.

Q: How the dinosaurs returned?
A: I can not answer this question because it would be a huge spoiler. The only thing that you should know is they came back to life with the help of a human.

Q: How can we convince the Kingdoms of South to help us?
A: Every Kingdom has different leader. One of them would agree to help the North for golds while the other one would want unimaginable things from you.

Q: Why the Kingdoms of South don’t care about dinosaurs?
A: Because they know dinosaurs won’t attack them before destroying the Kingdoms of North. Until that attack, they can build a huge wall to keep their Kingdoms safe. So, why would they help you if they can protect themselves from dinosaurs without putting their people in danger?

Q: Who are Romance Options?
A: All the leaders of Kingdom of South.


Thanks for your attention.


How old are we and the RO’s?


Can we conquer and unite the Kingdoms of the South?


Oh cool! Another medieval story! :smiley: Looks at the description

What have I gotten myself into? (joke)


Dinosaurs you say? You have my interest.


You - 25
Ayan - 23
Atlas - 27
Eleanor - 24
Adrien - 28


Hmm, no, you can’t. You can’t fight against four powerful Kingdoms.

Does magic exist in your world

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No, unfortunately it doesn’t.

I didn’t want to fight 4 Kingdoms, I would make an alliance with either Rodia or Bani trough marriage and use the chaos generated by the dinosaurs to conquer the other 3.


Then i guess science brought back the dinosaur

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I think the chaos is in your kingdom not theirs.

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Marriage and conquering the Kingdoms will take so much time. The dinosaurs will destroy your Kingdom before you can conquer one of them.

You got me at “dinosaurs”, I mean on the one hand it sounds a little bit silly but on the other hand it sounds damn awesome. I love dinosaurs. The only thing better are dragons. And dinosaurs are basically honorable dragons, so…

…You have it with names starting with A…Also, my MC will date the jerk of the bunch!

Are the kingdoms of the north united in an alliance, btw? Or already nearly destroyed so that it anyway doesn’t matter?

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Isn’t our kingdom in the South too? And there Erik be chaos in the South Kingdoms, because of all the infighting on how to deal with the dinosaurs.

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Haha, I know this sounds silly, but it’s a fantasy world. Anything can happen.

And I love dinosaurs.

They are so weak and yes, they are united in an alliance. Also your Kingdom is the most powerful Kingdom in the North.

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Your Kingdom is in the North.

So, this game is basically H:ZD but the age is somewhat more… tidied up? With the machine is actually organic lifeforms? :laughing:

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I didn’t understand the question first because I have never heard that game before. I just googled it. It seems nice :joy:

Who are you? Not knowing the not-so-legendary game Horizon: Zero Dawn ?

So, it’s Ark: Survival Evolved, then?

Edit: Orrrr… maybe not. Ark has no plot/story whatsoever.