Kingdom Come (WIP)


Hey guys so there were problems with chosen it just didnt turn out right sadly :frowning:

But good news is it inspired a new similar story called Kingdom Come.

Has some of the same concepts but more defined.

You live in a world where there is only one Continent surrounded by several island in the Mystique Sea. That continent is called Terra and it is currently split into 3 major kingdoms 4 if you count the small central kingdom that you live in. Terra is a place of amazement and beauty anywhere you go from the mountains to the forests Terra is covered in beauty. Until Recently Terra has been at peace thanks to a long standing Treaty between Kingsoms called the Triage Peace Agreement. For over 250 years this agreement has kept all of Terra and its people at peace. But now the kingdoms have decided to break that peace. A series of unfortunate events have passed that have led each kingdom to war. The Terranian kingdom that is compromised of Terra’s first beings (Humans) resides in the cities north of Terra. The Mt. Stone kingdom (Dwarves) resides in the mountains South of Terra. The Were-Clans (Were-Bears) reside in the Forests of West of Terra. Currently Terra is entering into an Age of Industrial Revolution. This new age has brought with it inventions of new weapons and with these new weapons comes pride and greed into the hearts of the leaders of Terra. Terra’s leaders have gotten so out of control that their deeds have escalated the world into war. The Dwarf King , King Stone has stolen the human princess Solar Avalon from King Storn Avalon to be his bride. In turn The Were-Clan leader King Oso has taken prisoners from the Dwarven kingdom and has tortured them. King Storn has encroached upon The Were Clans Territory cutting down parts of their Forests for lumber without consent reacted hostily to the inhabitants of these Forests.

You are the son of the ruler of the small kingdom caught in the middle of this civil war for Terra. (You get to name your Kingdom). Your Kingdom has always been at peace with the others and is the only center complerte cultural diversity. Humans, Dwarves, and Werebears live alongside each other and support each other. At the beginning of the war your kingdom was threatend to break apart. Every kingdom calling on their respective people to join the war agaisnt the other races. But in the end Your people stayed loyal to your kingdom, and your father the ruler decided to keep his kingdom neutral while the war was going on. Many ambassadors have come from each kingdom to persuade your father to jettison his neutrality and join their side. But your Father has decided to stay out of it. Even when King Storn himself came to talk to him directly he refused to budge. When it became clear that negoiations would not work now the kings have tried force. Deciding to take over your kingdom with the rest of terra. Your army although small is certainly not weak and having a strong diversity of races in the army has only made it stronger. The Kings from each kingdom have only sent small groups of soilders to attack in order to avoid taking troops away from the main war being raged agaisnt the other kingdoms. Even so more and more of the innocent people of your kingdom die everyday from raids on towns and military camps and your people grow weary of fighting agaisnt their own brethern. Deserters are becoming more and more common. You must do something to save your Kingdom and all of Terra.

The story goes slighty more in depth than this but this is overall outline of the story. I dont want to give away too much but based on the works of others I can tell you that the coding for my story will very diffrent from others. Therefore changing the usual playability. like for instamce insead of there multiple points to seduce a several romantic options you will have to pick one person as a romantic option for your life your MC will fall in love with that person and styay with them forever so be careful who you chose. but on the upside I will allow to customize certain qualites of them to your liking. just a few examples on the diffrent kind of playability your used to.

So if you survived this terribly long post and read everything above I would love your feedback as well as some of your ideas for the story as well. Also i really need help with a better name for the were-bears. Somethig cooler but that also explains that they are half human half bear still. And the another name for their kingdom as well would be helpful.

Thnaks and please give me feedback and comment on what you think and give me a few ideas if you have any you want to share.



I still can’t get over were-bears. Are they like werewolves or something different? If they’re meant to be ferocious then you might want to change the name (I keep picturing care-bears).


Same concept as werewolves except with bears and they dont change to and from humans. half human AND half bear permantley. This is why i need another name to call them


well can you call the werebears as the general name for their family in the mammal kingdom “Ursidae” if that is fine? also can i ask “Dwarves” as like in the lord of the rings or they are different?



I take it you’ve never heard of the toys Were-bears? They looked like Care Bears but could turn into monsters lol


Well lets see, king arthur was originally artur, “bear like,” so perhaps they could be the Artur.

In Africa, there is a bigfoot monster known as the “nandi bear” named after the Nandi people it supposedly live by. Brain eating is optional there.

In Indian epics there is a “king of bears” known as Jambavan, Jamvanta, Jambavantha, Jambavat, or Jambuvan.

If you want a more nordic feel, call them berserkers, for that viking term comes from “wearing the bear shirt.”

In finnish mythology they are Otso, Ohto, Kontio, metsän kuningas (the king of the forest), and mesikämmen (honeypaws), or forestcousin.

In korean myth Ungnyeo was a bear that became a woman.

If you want a shout out to greek myth, the Arcus.

The name of the spirit bear is Kermode.


You got me hooked on when you said Were-bears.

The world would be dominated by them.
Think about it. The strength and hunting ability of bears, combined with human intelligence? They would be unstopable.

Humanity is doomed.


Well it could be the bear inteligency and a human strength that could be hillarius a bear head in a human body =))


@stsword thanks man you gave a lot to choose from you will defintley be getting credit for that part of the game.

@Madwolf023 Well the were-bears arent going to be the strongest. Your thinking of humans versus bears. But Terranians only look hunan they are much stronger faster and tougher than regular humans.

@Aera the dwarves will be short but very stong and resilient and hairy. Im thinking of making them have the ability stoneskin like WoW.




We’ll bigger isn’t always better and although the were bears will be intelligent they tend to rage out of control and becomes senseless beasts. So ask your self this what would be your chances of surviving a regular bear attack if you were strong enough to pick it up and slam it’s head on the ground. When you add in the intelligence of a were bear it evens out the play


Also why dont add a beautiful race with artistic talents roaming all the countries selling and acting. Its or your races are manly and ugly i like see any pretty race in there like elfs, cat people or moguris, i love moguris.

Second my typical questions to all wips could be maquiavelian and try to conquer all races creating my own empire.
Or just did what swiss did i could defend my realm. You could continue try to invade us stupidly while still in war with the others . Or you could come here to trade we would keep all you conquer in our deposits no one never know. Also you could trade with enemy here pact in safety we only want a little comision.

Swiss did that and no one try conquer it they are useful and if you has to runaway well, you could be safe there.


@Marajade I hear what your saying I might add in a traveling caravan of more exotic races or you might get to trade with them overseas on one of the islands surrounding Terra. And Since all of the other nations are trying to conquer each other than that is probably what will your kingdom will do but I also have other ideas for ending the war that I’ll try and implant into the story. But in the first game your just going to show the other kingdoms you can’t be pushed around. The later games will include stuff about the conclusion of the war.


Lol no problem, some of that stuff was things I knew offhand, the rest was just the result of a quick wikipedia and google search.