My CoG game idea. Is it worth the time writing this story?


Plot for you choose book and added info
You have always been told you were special,but you pushed it aside because you couldn’t go nearly a day without hearing the phrase said to another. Growing up as a poor child raised by your mom, you never thought anything would change. but it all did change. Nothing was the same after it happened. You were special, truly special,and that might have been considered a good thing, if you were not constantly in hiding from the dominion’s assassins who thought that the people like you were a harm to their cause. You were a thredan. Everybody wished to be one, you can’t fault them for that, but what they aren’t realizing is, the government they are ruled by is corrupted with the dominion, and they are your enemies that wish to kill you, which isnt particullarly a good thing. The dominion is an venomous spiteful clan that are thredans but have “twisted” what that means to them. To them, it meant they were an elite group that none compared to and did not deserve to shine their shoes for them, much less get in their way. Some said that you could tell if they were in the dominion by the reek of death on them, but you know it isn’t true because your father was one of them. You were saved from this evil by your mom. She took you as a baby from his grasp and the dominion’s grasp as well. She knew that she would be killed but she didn’t want you to be locked in without the slightest hope of leaving. You are a thredan because it’s in your blood. Your dad passed it down to you,but you are half human/elf/dwarven/aleeght (a race made up that is like waywalker’s ki’ra but you are born with adept agility and swiftness). Thredan- a being that can absorb the energy around them to make magic. They gather the energy from all around and not just at one place so as not to harm the item, but this is where the dominion broke off. They gather it until it is completely in them from the object,thus the object would die. They even take the energy from humans. Both store thier energy in a gem of some sort. The larger it is, the more it can hold,but if you had a small diamond and a medium sized ruby , the diamond would hold more because of the strength of it. Do you think it would make a good game? :smiley:


sounds like it could be cool :smiley:
but time for the dreaded question…can I pick my gender?


I think that would be the easiest writing in it.


I would give the player an option to join. Seeing as it was your mothers opinion on them, not yours. But I did voice a lot for the against, so I will try to accommodate for both when I’m writing it. My original thought was that you would try to survive from them,but I think it would be good to be either good or evil. Humans would be warriors in this world and some would be able to grasp the knowledge of magic and perform minor spells such as healing or a shield but not as much as thredans, and on the magic issue I wasn’t as clear as I should’ve been and you would be able to take energy from grass,trees,etc… Which are basically living,but not like rocks or dirt, and I’m not going to use kinetic and potential energies in it because where would that energy in that go? Kinetic-stop dead and stay still with no hope of moving and same for potential, it wouldn’t move it would basically be frozen. So that’s not possible. You would be able to take it from nature and I was wondering about using emotions if that could fit in?


To join the dominion*


looks like you put a lot of thought into this :smiley:
but about using emotions do you mean like the stronger your emotions the more powerful the spell can be or are you thinking about something else?


Sounds cool, and about the emotions it will similar to dicotomy jedi/sith? Jedi focus in mental peace and wisdom, sith in the stongh emotions, anger, pasion,hunger of power.


Kind of like the people around you but I don’t know how that would work


Sounds good to me! I suppose you could out in a bit about Thredans having an inate ability to sense emotions, so you if you use humans for energy you could sense their emotions. So if you sense they were angry that would give you more power than if they were all zen-like. :smiley:


Yeah that’s pretty good and funny and would work for the dominion but not the dominion so I would need to come up with a way for the thredans to use it while still making sense


Fair play