Untitled Game, need help

So. I have much of the storyline outlined in my head, the character(s), races, setting, time and first two questions as well as one later finished, but that’s about it. I need help to find a title and perhaps some suggestions to later questions. This game is still at a very early stage and so I’ll probably include any ideas I like.
Here’s what I have written so far:

"The grass beneath you is soft and the sunlight is warm. You open your eyes to find that you’re in a beautiful forest, close to a little stream.
You blink. How did you get here?
You roll over and find yourself staring at the branches of an old apple tree. As you watches, one of the ripe, red apples falls off the branch. You are so mesmerized by the amount of detail you can see that you forget to move away. The apple…

*… scores a direct hit between your legs. You curl up on your side, muttering an obscenity, then punch the tree as hard as you can.
*You are instantly showered by hard apples.

**… bounces off your breasts and rolls to a stop a foot to your right. You rub your chest and glare at the tree.
**The tree seems to glare back. This place is already creeping you out.

Sitting up, you see weapons and armour lying in heaps nearby. You cautiously get to your feet and walk over.
The closest pile contains leather armour in brown and green, finely crafted and dyed. The weapons are a beautiful longbow and a cogger of long arrows that you belive are called cloth-yard shafts. A long, slim blade and a knife completes the outfit.
The next pile is made up of heavy plate armour as well as a huge oak shield and a really big double-headed axe. The armour is decorated with spiralling symbols that look almost, but not quite, like the sun.
The next pile is a heap of knives, discs and blow pipes on top of a thin, tight-fitting black outfit. There is an even blacker belt there with loops to put the weapons in and some blowdarts.
The most modest pile is a sword, a shield, a short trident and some chain mail. The shield is carved with waves, fish and sirens and made of a strange, blue metal.
The last pile is a purple robe with gold trimmings and a five-feet staff made of some silvery metal with a crystal on the top.
All of the weapons and armour are top-quality. Which pile do you choose?

*The first one. It looks… well, right. I bet it feels right, too. And I like bows!
**The second pile. Brute force looks promising…
***Oohhh! Knives and discs and poison darts! I’m gonna be a ninja! The other stuff can rot if it wants to.
****I like the sea. And by the way, the other stuff looks weird, especially the robe.
*****Nice! A robe! And I bet that staff can shoot lightning…"

Land: Ringing Vale
Races: Elves, goblins, gnomes
Fauna: A lot like Terran, except for the presense of several dragons and dragon-like creatures (Drakes, wyverns, lindworms etc.)
Flora: More carnivorous plants than Terra, but 90% of the plants are safe to eat and some have healing properties.
Gods: Undecided.

Elves: Tall, strong, fast, really good senses, beautiful. Likes Nature and are more inclined towards living in the past due to them being immortal. Breeds rather slowly. Natural magic users and healers.

Goblins: Short, not very strong, fast but slower than Elves. Ugly. Average life span is 30 years and they multitude like rabbits. Generally a stupid, evil and aggressive breed that dislikes plants and wildlife and loaths the sun.

Gnomes: Short, remarakbly strong, not very fast runners, thin. Looks a little like short elves with giant noses and big ears sticking out from their head at an almost 90 degree angle. Mechanics of dimensions, able to create gear beyond imagination if they have the right tools and materials. Average life span is 120 years, breeding rate somewhere between Elves and Goblins

So, what do you think?

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I feel that the elves should be a little less powerful, they seem to be more powerful than the other 2 classes, although that could just be me. I feel it has potential.

Well, Elves are kinda superhumans, but they breed slowly and so a long-lasting war will bleed them out pretty quickly, whereas Goblins breed like h*ll and have weapons dipped in some kind of poisnonous goo that makes wounds fester and heal slowly. Also, Goblins and Gnomes make new things all the time while Elves simply go on living like they have for the past millennia or so, which means that Elves have a rather low tech level.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up :smiley: By the way… I can tell that I’d probably go for the last set of items :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok title idea chosen warrior of the gods.

@EvilNorton so would my brother :stuck_out_tongue:
@omen …no. Sorry. But it doesn’t really fit. Oh damn, I forgot to explain!
This takes place in Ringing Vale, where you set up an Elf village and try to run it/survive, fighting Goblins and trading with Gnomes and other Elf settlements. And fight monsters!

I don’t know why it can’t be just called “Ringing Vale”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d try and expand a bit, and write out some key scenes (rather than chronologically) because when you’ve done all the fun bits in one go, you get a load of them, and you just link them together. If you do it chronologically, you get very few fun bits… write out some awesome fight bits so we can help you out more!

Okay thanks!
This means you’ll get a lecture on dragonology, sort of :wink:

"One day, as you are out exploring one of the mountains trying to find the source of the numerous streams that gives the valley its name, you spot a strange creature eating a horse carcass. It has two strong legs, a powerful body, two large wings and a long neck. The head is surprisingly small. The creature is has sand-colored scales on its back that fades to a glowing white on its belly.
From the nuber of legs and the general appearance you understand this to be a wyvern.
The wyvern spots you. Its small, grey eyes focus on your shape. The wyvern roars, sending a blast of scorching hot air your way. The inside of its mouth is glowing white.
The Heatrage Wyvern takes a menacing step towards you. You…

**Shoot an arrow at it.
**Unfortunately, the arrow burns up in mid-air. The metal point goes soft in the warmth and does little damage. In fact, it only enrages the beast.
***Throw a disc at it.
***The disc goes soft in the extreme heat and spins wildly to the left, cutting a small hole in the wyvern’s wing.
***Unleash a blast of lightning from your staff.
***The wyvern jerks back, then screams as the lightning hits. Then it charges at you.
****Charge it head-on.
****You run into a wall of heat that makes your skin blister. Nonetheless, you manage to chop off three of its toes. Unable to stand, the wyvern takes to the air to fight you.
*****Throw your trident at it.
*****The trident glows light blue as the wyvern roars at you, but keeps its shape and goes deep into the beast’s right shoulder.

it sounds like a turn-based battle.

that one? Yeah kinda. I’ll add stats and stuff later and it’ll be better then.

whens the beta sounds interesting

sometimes next year perhaps. I just started school again and since the marks I get in tenth grade decide what kind of education I’ll get for the rest of my life I’m really busy…