New Lord hi i need help or teammate on this hit me up on twitter


Hi i,m make a game and need halp it call new lord

Walcome to new lord
your are born in a age of war between the four kingdom the Kingdom of Kerma the Kingdom of Kush tne Kingdom of D’mt and Kingdom of Nri
you belong to the Kingdom of Kerma a nice land flat and full of forest the Kingdom of Kush have a lot of lakes and stream the Kingdom of D’mt
have lot of snow and mountain the Kingdom of Nri is one big desert you are born in nobility you father is in the army his is name general mack
and your his son giveing a rank of Second Lieutenant your in time sword and bow no gun or gunpowder but with all the war tactics inprov war are
foght on big and small war Army Officers ranks are one. i would like pic for it.

ok this is how it work I make the idea and the story and I need some one to do the program oh and I,m making a rpgmaker game I need help on that to


okay, I am willing to help you and I can edit the title to make it a little clearer if you want to? so yeah anyway, what’s the trouble?
Edit: no worries, you are looking for illustrations I’m guessing?


Sounds like a cool idea form what I could understand. I sincerely do hope that the game will not have the same spelling and punctuation issues as well though…


thank i,m new at this so i need all the help so how do i send you the game.


edit: high , low , or no fantasy.


You have to ask one the older members that question I’m afraid,


Are u saying that just because a person is born to a general he can become lieutanant .Lol people will not be happy with that and it restricts the scope of adventure to a great extent because lieutenant can’t go for scouting, or small war as they are high rank official as per my knowledge of military ranks actually my knowledge is little less in these parts .


one he is nobility two i going make the mc to army school three I need help you what to help and four military ranks have come but not social ranks 5.lieutanat do all that scouting and small war and it sword and bow no gun or gunpowder.


People are generally unhappy here, lol.

But have you tried making the game? Even if it’s a little piece using the code, it would be quite literally something.