The Isle of Nome

Hey, I’m new here, though I have played Choice of Games for about a year now.

I am working on a game where you are in charge of a fictional island in an alternate history. The world is divided up by three factions, Democracies, Militant Theologies, and Colonial Powers. You can choose to side with one, or try and lead your own faction of minor and neutral countries. However, you must follow the rules of the Commission, a group of the nation’s most trusted experts in various fields. Every Quarter (Three Months), you will be presented with an option to improve on one of your nation’s various assets (Infranstructure, Education, relations with one of the factions, etc) Will you force young adults into the army, or let anyone join at free will. Will you listen to the demands of the population and the Commission, or do whatever you want. Freedom of speech, or rule with an iron fist.

Chances are that I will need help on some of the coding. I am still working on getting it set up.

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you should also gain allies if you should go yo war and thier should be world wars and other major wars, revoultionary periods and even times of rebellion

@zane I was planning to have some minor wars where you can invade some of the minor island nations around you, but piss one of the major alliances. Also, I was planning that if you aren’t popular with your citizens or have low levels of freedom, they will start to protest and will eventually revolt against your government. I also plan to have a major war between all three alliances, and you can lead your nation (and faction if you went down that road) and if you do well, your nation will help negotiate at the post-war confrence where you be able to negotiate to get as much money, territory, or influence as you want.

also can we name the country and choose what type of land ( island, landlocked, continental)

Well, the main point of the game was that it was an island, I guess I could give an option. Might have to change the name though.

I would say, if it is supposed to be an island, then leave it as an island. Especially if it was the main point of the game, I wouldn’t suggest completely deviating from that course. Just my personal opinion, though.

I’ll just leave it as it is. I’ll work more on it in tommorow. I’m going to bed.

oh man well i quess that makes sense

Hmmm Ok

THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE THE BEST GAME EVER! I love civ and games like this.

@Cagye_bee Yay another civ fan! I always wished that there was a game where you were the ruler of a nation and could do diplomacy and all that good stuff.

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do we get to name the island or its named nome or is it a groupof island states that make the country nome

The full name is The Isle of Nome, which was named after you great-grandfather who discovered and helped settle the island. As for your second question, it starts off as one island, but if you play your cards right, you can conquer the surrounding islands and even manage to get some mainland colonies. That is assuming that you don’t piss off one of the major powers to the point where they attempt to invade you homeland (one of the potential starters for WWIII).

Okay, I need help! I tried to test the game out, but it said: unexpected “:”, then it said: setStartingStatsClone is null of undefiended. What does it mean?

It’s probably your web browser. I had the same issue using IE. try firefox. It worked for me.

How do I do that. It only offers chrome and IE. Or am I going to have to download it.

Yes, you have to download firefox.

Thanks! It didn’t have that annoying warning thing. Also, why is it taking so long to load?

This sounds badass

when can we expect a public demo?