The Illusion of VR (WIP)


Warning, this article contains mild spoilers! (But only mild)
So the main idea is that the virtual world co-exists with the modern world. You can choose whether you were born in VR, were in VR a couple years after you were born, or if you’ve never been in VR at all. Whatever you choose, though, you end up out of VR at the start (But the choice does have impact later). You find that the real world sucks, but VR isn’t a perfect paradise either. You can choose to either forcefully make everyone leave by shutting down the core systems, convince everyone to leave of their own choice, spend the rest of your days living in VR, or spend the rest of your days in the real world, without all the others in VR.
I’m working on this with two friends, one’s helping me write and the other is doing art.
This’ll probably be finished either near the end of this year or the beginning of next year.
There are four romanceable characters, but only three change gender based on your preferences.
This article will be updated as game production moves forward.
Any questions?


Glad you began your project. Good luck!


If you ask me I don’t have an answer… cuz am so excited that I can’t speak


This seems so awesome!


I’m glad you’re excited!


Thank you! I hope you enjoy the game when it’s done! A demo should be out in about teo months.


So it’s basically Matrix?


It’s inspired by The Matrix and Portal, yes. But the people know they’re in VR and can leave if they want.


Logical question… what’s the VR world like? Is it like the Matrix where it’s trying to be a version of the real world, or is it recreating either a specific era or even a made up world? Or are there several options for VR users?


The virtual world is like those social mmo sites, where you get your own area that you can customize, and you can go to different prexisting areas, and stuff like that. You can only get your own area when you turn 18, however. And the prexisting areas are way bigger than in those online sites. Most of them are as big as the states in america, the smallest being as big as cities.
The virtual world is run by an AI named Nexus/Nexi. If you want something changed, it must be run by Nexus/Nexi. Though most change requests get run through Nexus/Nexi’s automated system, people who have been reported enough’s requests will be analyzed by Nexus/Nexi personally.


Have you seen or read Sword Art Online too?


Yep! I guess you could say it’s inspired by that, too. But the people aren’t trapped there, the VR world co-exists with the modern world.


May I ask how many words you want to write?


Well, I don’t know the average length of these stories, but I was panning on it being at least 150,000 words.


Can we romance the AI? :grinning: Lol


Yes, you can. They’ll either be a girl or a boy, depending on what you like. (Though canonically, Nexus is male.)


Awesome :slight_smile: I’ll definitely play this game.

Have you already designed the personalities and backstories of Nexus and the other romance options? What are they going to be like?


Sounds good very different


Interesting premise, looking forward to see where this goes!


Update: I have official character art for Nexus!