The Hero Project: Open Season — Can you win America’s #1 reality show for heroes?



LoL you clearly haven’t seen Cataphraks Guns of Infinity thread or Alex Cliffords United we Stand it’s way more polarized but peeps still discuss stuff civilly (most of the time)


No, it isn’t.

You state your position, you give your reasons and you move on, letting the next person do the same thing. If you find yourself repeating your same position more than once, you give it a rest and you move on.

If you disagree with another person, you state that, then you move on and agree to disagree.

You stay on the topic of the game and you never make a post regarding the individual posting.

This is forum etiquette 101.

I have major problems with this series. There are several things I do not like about it. I let my issues be known in the first installment; Sergi decided to ignore what I said. I then moved on. I have not mentioned those issues since nor will I again.

I do not make it personal by calling his works something else than they are. I do not call you or anyone else out for their views and I moved on.

The balance is easy to find and it is easy to follow the community’s guidelines when posting, even in this series’ threads.


Both of those threads have eruptions of issues from time to time, so no one is perfect. Nevertheless, this is the only game which has threads permanently closed over and over. It is all because people turn it personal.


And here we are again. A new Hero Project Thread with the same circular arguments, points, and discussions. How long will this thread stay open for new people to come in and share either their love or lack of it for the game? Who knows. My bet is not for long.

I’ve agreed with what has been said. I’ve felt disappointed by the game for a number of reasons - and I’ve made a post about it. And left.

But here we are once again, shutting down players that enjoyed the game, making claims that something as subjective as liking a character is objectively untrue. Bashing the writer again and again to a point where it feels more like a personal attack than anything else. This is becoming a festering nest of negativity and the worse thing is that it’s not even original negativity - it’s words being repeated time and time again in an eternal circle.

Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. Let them share and talk about their love for the world, for their MC and for their RO. And let new ones voice their disappointment and disagreement with the direction Zach has taken his games.


Yes, but folks there learn from their mistakes after you or other mods jump in, and try not to be the same again but I’ve seen this thread(and the other THP open season discussion opened by a forum-er) getting threatened over three times already…


I played the first three for research purposes. I have felt no need to play the other two, but I do know one thing:

Spending time discussing somethings failings rarely leads to good things. It’s so easy to get locked in a cycle of negativity, just like with a bad relationship sometimes it’s just best to cut your ties and move on. Let new people make their own mistakes, and focus on things you like instead.

That being said, there have been a lot of interesting thoughts about game design hidden in these threads (which is why I have been reading them despite not playing the game), and I would urge people that feel strongly about how things should/should not be done to open a thread discussing these subjects in a more neutral manner. I mean there’s been a lot of good things in here about how to handle stats, whether being locked out of choices or not is a good thing, whether linearity needs to be a bad thing, how to handle politics and so on. These are things not tied to a single game series, and discussions like that deserve a lot better than to be muddled by whether you like/don’t like a particular game.

I mean that pretty much amounts to talking about which band is the best, or whether the Black Album destroyed Metallica’s legacy or opened the door to a new age for metal…


Well, if people like and if i may, i could try listing my pros and cons i have in one post to get things out of the way in one go.


This is perfectly said. The emphasis, mine.


Maybe like above poster said, we should just start a non Open Season topic discussing opinions on these things themselves, instead of just pairing it to this game? Cause there are interesting ideas here, that could be useful, but are buried.


and I would urge people that feel strongly about how things should/should not be done to open a thread discussing these subjects in a more neutral manner. I mean there’s been a lot of good things in here about how to handle stats, whether being locked out of choices or not is a good thing, whether linearity needs to be a bad thing, how to handle politics and so on.

these things were all discussed regarding open season, and at the end i would say the discussion was unproductive because people here feel very strongly about these issues either one way or the other, and they were generally used as a reason why someone might like/dislike this game. These topics all are also very subjective making the discussion harder especially when both sides are unwilling to relent their position since it’s tied closely to whether open season is good or bad, so that’s something to consider

Maybe like above poster said, we should just start a non Open Season topic discussing opinions on these things themselves, instead of just pairing it to this game? Cause there are interesting ideas here, that could be useful, but are buried.

yeah that would definitely help a lot and cool things down.


question ! about Miss Boss!


Hum…I kinda choose to romance her , but during ‘redemption’ , I went against her group in the vote . When I was done and went to ‘Open Season’ , it said ‘we kissed’ . I never had such a scene ! Anyone know why ? do you have to be in her group or something ?


Continuity error.
Might be something to be fixed with the aforementioned phrasing patch.


Personally I don’t like or really dislike OS. Although my issues have been stated by several others repeatedly so I won’t go into them. Suffice to say, I preferred the HR trilogy with all of it’s own issues over the THP duology that so far has been frustratingly disappointing.


Warning; I refer to each story as an ‘Episode’ xD

I just finished the whole series in one sitting. Will say that Episode 4 was pretty horrible, but Episode 5 did it’s best with what it had.

However I don’t know whether to feel annoyed at that epilogue or not though.

‘Wanna find out what happens? Play my other novella series and tell me you want a sequel!’

Don’t get me wrong; love this guy’s stories even if at times it can be borderline cringey with how preachy the politics can get, or if he makes a questionable decision now and again. Even then he does the ‘reactions’ perfectly 97% of the time imo which makes it bearable. Also they’re just a great writer, even if they need to be held back at times from going overboard like Episode 4.

But I sorta wanted the whole shebang to end here. The original trilogy was great, and these two were a great addition. I’ve no doubts Versus is wonderful too, just had no desire to read it yet myself. (Was in my sights due to the shared author)

But crossin’ them over just make it feel like a big cash grab; denying a permanent resolution. ESPECIALLY when the enemy of the whole debacle gets taken by same red light.

That said; Episode 5 was pretty ambitious, probably on par with Episode 3, and I adored it to pieces. Especially felt sad when Velocityl got turned there, was really scared they’d die and it’d have broken my heart.

Looking forward to whatever slugging comes next though!


As someone who doesn’t enjoy Versus at all I feel quite cheated, I’ve played this series since the first game, I’ve bought almost every IAP throughout them all, and now Zach (the author) has decided that if I want a conclusion to the characters and the universe I have to buy Versus 2 and 3, and play through a series I have no investment in, and don’t enjoy at all. I feel quite betrayed, and even if I thought Open Season was the best game in the entire series nothing would really change that feeling of betrayal


I know it’s a subjective opinion, but for me Versus series are some of the best games released on this site, even better than already great Heroes Rise. So for me tying those two universes is a rather exciting concept.
Although i must admit i havent played Open Season yet (replaying whole series again first), so i only spoiled myself a little about it reading forum, so can’t comment about how exactly it’s done.


It took me a minute to realize what the red light was but it’s interesting to say the least.


I’d like to offer a different perspective, not just for this game or this series, but one that I think can be applicable to fiction in general.

Here’s your what-if scenario:

What if the author chose to include controversial or uncomfortable material on purpose, ignoring the advice of peers and other feedback-givers?

What would be the point of that, you may ask?

I’ll tell you, thanks for asking! ( I’m assuming you asked. So if you haven’t asked, you might want to do that for the sake of continuity. :wink: )

Here’s a completely fabricated event:

While walking down a street, Robin sees a pair of individuals on the sidewalk push an old person out of their way because the old person was apparently walking too slow.

What should Robin do about that?
The world will never know. It’s only an example.
If Robin does something you think is inappropriate, like cheer on the bullies, will you (the reader) get upset?
If Robin does something you think is appropriate, like tell the police, will you feel satisfied if you read about those bullies being punished?

Getting a reader to react one way or another is part of what a writer tries to do.
But why would an author want to make their readers upset?
One reason is that so if the reader encounters a similar situation outside of the book (in real life), said readers just may be motivated into action.
In other words, an author, through clever technique, may actually be encouraging a new generation of activists.

Have you ever watched a documentary on how animals go to market?
Did they show you graphic or gory details in order to make you feel uncomfortable?
Did you decide to go vegetarian or vegan after seeing that?
The documentary sure was effective in changing your behavior, now wasn’t it?
Of course, that’s just another made up scenario. But you get my point, I hope.
Fiction can change the world.
If we can’t figure out how, then that’s our shortcoming.
We shouldn’t project our shortcomings onto the author.

For further research into fiction and intentionality, I might suggest starting here:


The difference is a lot of the readers are already aware of these social issues and live through them. If his intention was to make people aware of these social issues he’s kinda preaching to the choir.


Is there a Legend guide like for Heroes Rise?


I really don’t want to be that guy but the flaw in your point is that if left unchecked can subtract from the immersion, power or engagement of a story and the influence it can create on the reader.

I say this because if you would be to read something of substantial influence that hold political ideals - say Animal Farm (I know this story can be seen as more of a historical retelling but none the less it is my example). The story is engaging, animals die, you feel the build up, you sympathise and most importantly you can follow a character’s train of thought and stay immersed.

Sadly I cannot think of a published story with an example of the vice versa (except for THP or new-age comics although that’ll be controversial and that’s based on my own opinion - I’m not saying that the story isn’t outright in this) although this may be due to those books not having an impact on me, therefore meaning that I forget about them in the future.

If I was to create a hypothetical example; One where it seemed that the story was rather some political porridge in disguise, throwing message after message and you being unable to become the character or feel invested in the story - to a person that would create bore and they shrug off many or all of the points made as they cannot sympathise, else they may ire.

on a side note THP doesn’t seem to cause this latter mentality in all of it’s readers, therefore for some the story is engaging and they can immerse themselves.