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To be frank, being told about the physical disabilities that someone goes through in the game is a little insulting to me. I should know because I am born deaf in both ears but after being told what happened in the beta with the physical disabilities, I must admit I was glad I didn’t sign up for beta testing but really, if you’re going to do something like that, at least do some research and talk to someone that actually has that kind of disability because most of the time, the author completely screws it all up.

That’s all I’m going to say here since I made my opinion pretty clear in the other thread.


I think what you’re missing here is that the issues Zach gets into are not only known to his audience, it’s also something that at times is presented damn right erroneous.

This is the guy who thought writing a scene of a dude with depression thinking happy thoughts was a cure for example.


Yeah, but requires you to play a certain way to unlock it.

Which is kind of dumb? I’ve always hated that you need to pretty much already be perfect to get the guide that tells you how to be perfect.


This is the guy who thought writing a scene of a dude with depression thinking happy thoughts was a cure for example.

i thought positive thoughts help with depression, didn’t know that it’s not true.


He summed it down to that and it received a massive backlash. Also it’s ‘depression’ not a drop in mood.

Also a better example would’ve been ‘tried to convey blindness by sitting in a dark room.’


Here is a video on depression for those interested: Depression video


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isn’t positive thoughts regarding self and the world at large a core element in cognitive therapy? a lot of work must be done before getting to that point, but i wouldn’t say it’s totally baseless in reality. of course i might be wrong as i don’t exactly remember the passage from the game that is in questioning here.



Cognitive behavior therapy can help with aspects of depression but it’s a management tool, not a cure.

For me personally, I have to be on antidepressants to make up for the brain chemicals I just don’t have. CBT helped me immensely in rooting out negative thought patterns that exacerbated the depression, but it wasn’t a cure.

I can’t speak much regarding the game since I haven’t played (and probably won’t since people have mentioned it triggering anxiety/depressive episodes). But “think positive” and “why can’t you just be happy” are both insulting and reductive things people say in real life that I don’t want to see presented as fact in a game.

This is interesting because Feeling Good is the book I worked through with my therapist. But being on medication was 100% required before I could really make progress. Otherwise it was like trying to plug a firehose with my hands.


Changing your way of thoughts and having fun in general/talking with people can help but it’s not a 1 day thing, if you suddenly change your thoughts 1 day it won’t cure you.

I used to be depressed for quite a while and saw myself as a failure but my mood progressively got better and I’m not depressed anymore now (though I have some days when I feel a bit like that once in a while). The main thing is to stop thinking about your life as a failure and worrying about the future but instead enjoying the present right now, trying to improve yourself and doing things you enjoy. When you are bored you are also prone to think more negative thoughts since you don’t have anything to distract you.

Though like I said it’s more of a progress (it took me a couple of months at least) and not a sudden shift, when you are depressed it’s really hard to suddenly shift your way of thinking and you’d still feel the same way and it feels like you can’t get better.

I can’t speak for everyone though, some people would be different and could need medications too.


The main problem, and in this context it is one, is that, as stated before, in the game the scene comes out of nowhere, has absolutely no influence on the stats and… well,
Below you find the code in question. Nothing has been altered, just the unrelated choices have been removed.

	#But I'm still so angry about what happened during The Hero Project finale, how it was all so totally out of my control yet again. I just feel powerless. And helpless.
(and further below, dear heavens this code is messy Dx )
#I feel like I must be the most hated Powered in America, after what was revealed about me. I just feel lost, like I don't know what to do next.
		*goto lostinthewoods
		*label lostinthewoods
		It's moments like this that you can't help but feel knocked off of your axis. Despite your careful balancing act, it still doesn't take all that much lately for the darkness to seize you out of nowhere. These are the times that, despite all of your reflection and centering, despite all of your perspective and peace of mind, you feel that solid mass of doubt lodge itself in your mind…that black pit, that low grumble of a voice that tells you it's over. You've lost. You're not important, you're a failure. 

		It's moments like this when you feel that the odds are stacked against you. No matter what you do, it all amounts to the same thing: defeat. Loss. Turmoil. Moments like this are when it feels like the universe has arranged itself against you, that nothing is fair or just. That some sick, omnipotent power gets its jollies purely from watching you squirm and scrape.

		It's moments like this, when you feel the most helpless, the most like there's no point, that you force yourself to remember:
		*goto lostbutfound
*label lostbutfound
	#This too shall pass. I can't control what happens to me, only how I react.
		Nothing, good or bad, ever lasts forever. As long as you've been given the privilege of another day, you won't give in to despair. Especially not when, no matter how you feel, something is bound to change—it always does.
		*goto mantrarep
	#Too many people are counting on me for me to give up now.
		If you cannot find it within yourself to carry on right now, at least do it for your loved ones.
		*goto mantrarep
	#Even if I feel like slugger now, someday soon I won't.
		And on that day, you'll feel silly for ever giving in to bleakness.
		*goto mantrarep
	#I know my strength and I know my worth.
		And if you just remember that, if you rely on that for long enough, you simply can't lose. You're a warrior—and the moment you get the chance to prove that again, you will.
		*goto mantrarep
	#I know exactly where I belong and what I need to do.
		Moments of weakness and doubt are normal—healthy, even. They force us to make sure of what we want. And if you're sure of anything, it's that you know what you want.
		*goto mantrarep
	#Even if the whole world hates me, they can't make me hate myself.
		And if that's true, then it's impossible to lose. You're a warrior—and the moment you get the chance to prove that again, you will.
		*goto mantrarep

*label mantrarep

You force yourself to repeat this mantra, over and over, until it is internalized enough to swallow the dark cloud inside you. You're not sure if this is ultimately helping or hurting, but you know what they say: 

Fake it till you make it.
*goto theplannext

Judge for yourself, people.

Now, before someone brings up that this line is also in Fallen Hero, here’s the thing:
FH handles the topic with tact. It’s not, as it feels here, there to tick off a box on a ‘representation checklist’. In FH it is part of the characters, part of the story.
And it’s not over and forgotten once the scene ends.


This is the one I got in beta testing. Panic attacks for everyone!


hugs and holds tightly


appreciates greatly


After seeing that code I just really felt the need to jump in here; as someone with a severe depressive disorder I have to say reading all the various options for how to “cope” with your depressive thoughts is just downright…appalling. Depression isn’t just a few meager lines that can be wished away with positive thinking, which is exactly what that code is implying a person should be able to do.

Fake what? Not hating yourself? Happiness? Stable mental health? Why would Sergi imply that this is a way a person should handle a serious mental illness, instead of the MC seeking help from an outside source? Why suggest people should just have to think positive thoughts and pretend to be totally fine in order to “fix” their depression?

It feels like Sergi didn’t even research what depression was like, or how people cope with it, before adding it into his story. It’s a little concerning to read Sergi handling such a big issue like this, if I’m being honest, because it makes people with actual depression seem like they’re choosing to have depression because they aren’t thinking “happy, sunshine thoughts”.


Thank you for putting it into words. I wasn’t really able to do that myself very well.


On the topic of cognitive therapy, it is a heavily researched topic, and almost all researchers agree that it’s very effective, even if not paired with medication, in treating depression, that said, it’s not just thinking about positive thoughts, sure it’s the end goal, but a lot more work has to be done in order to get there for a depressed person.

So i do think the depiction here in open season is damaging…if it is describing depression, but i not sure if MC is actually having depression, or rather just learned helplessness, it is very well noted that depression is not just sad mood, so i’m hesitant to label MC here as having depression, of course if Zach come out and said that it’s depression, then it is entirely another matter.


personally , I saw that line ‘fake it till you make it’ as pretend that you are ok . After all , the MC never had the luxuary to even have the basic minimum to live . So if she start ringing a shrink…for someone who is supposed to be poor…that wouldn’t fit all .


Either way, if a rather large portion of beta testers are asking you to change it because it makes them uncomfortable you should probably change it. That’s kind of the point of beta testers.:roll_eyes: