Name your own character in our charity auctions


Choice of Games is proud to announce that we’re auctioning off cameos in four of our most anticipated games; proceeds will go to My Friend’s Place, an organization that assists and inspires homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.

The auctions close on Tuesday, June 2nd.

Name a Powered Hero in “The Hero Project: Redemption Season,” the sequel to “Heroes Rise: The Hero Project

“The Hero Project” is back for a second season, and you can make a cameo as a Powered Hero in the competition! Be the envy of your friends when they see you in their game!

“The Hero Project” is a new series of multiple-choice interactive novels by Zachary Sergi and Choice of Games. “The Hero Project: Redemption Season” falls after the events of Sergi’s smash-hit series, “Heroes Rise,” telling the story of a brand new crew of Powered heroes and villains on the nation’s top reality TV show.

Winner should submit:

  • Hero’s Real Name
  • Hero’s Code Name
  • Hero’s gender and sexual orientation
  • Hero’s physical description

Name a rival adventurer in “The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford,” the sequel to “The Hero of Kendrickstone

The adventures of the hero of Kendrickstone continue in “The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford,” and now you have the chance to design a supporting character!

“The Cryptkeepers” is a multiple-choice text adventure by Paul Wang and Choice of Games. In addition to “Hero,” Paul previously authored “Mecha Ace” and “Sabres of Infinity.”

Winner should submit:

  • Character’s Name
  • Character’s gender and sexual orientation
  • Character’s physical description
  • A magical item in the character’s possession or a great deed of heroism in their past.

Suffer a gruesome death in “Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven”

The winner of this auction will be able to develop a character and the manner in which that character dies. The winner will collaborate with the author to devise the scenario in which the character’s death occurs and how the player may impact that event.

“Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven” is a spin-off of the “Zombie Exodus” multiple-choice text adventure by Jim Dattilo and Hosted Games. Jim is also author of the upcoming title “A Wise Use of Time.”

Winner should submit:

  • Character’s Name
  • Character’s gender and sexual orientation
  • Character’s physical description
  • Preferred method of demise!

Create the leader of a rival adventuring party in “Lost Heir: Forging a Kingdom,” the sequel to “Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria

The story of the heir of Daria continues in “Forging a Kingdom,” the sequel to 2015’s “Fall of Daria.” Of course, the heir’s journey is not a simple one…a rival adventurer will challenge the heir at every turn. And now’s your opportunity to design that rival!

The “Lost Heir” trilogy is a multiple-choice text adventure by Mike Walter and Hosted Games. Mike is also author of the best selling “Life of a Wizard” and “Life of a Mobster,” also published by Hosted Games.

Winner should submit:

  • Character’s name
  • Character’s gender and sexual orientation
  • Character’s physical description
  • Character’s class (Fighter, wizard, thief or cleric)
  • Character’s race (Human, elf, dwarf, halfling, half-orc or gnome)

We’d like to thank CharityBuzz for hosting these auctions. CharityBuzz normally charges a 20% fee, but Choice of Games is happy to donate 20% of your bid amount directly to My Friend’s Place, so you can rest assured that they’ll receive 100% of your bid amount.

Please tell your friends about these auctions! The more people bid, the more we’ll be able to raise for charity.

Choice Games Offering to write you into Hero Project Story for a price
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1

Sounds like a beautiful way to support a beautiful cause.


FWIW, My Friend’s Place has a significant GLBTQ clientele, which is part of the reason why we picked it.

EDIT: to be clear, they don’t cater exclusively to GLBTQ clientele. However, GLBTQ kids from throughout the country who run away from home (for whatever reason) end up in big cities, and Hollywood in particular. So, what I mean by that is, a disproportionate number of youth runaways (nationally) are GLBTQ, and a disproportionate number of those end up in LA. So MFP is specifically prepared to help such individuals.


Would it be possible for me to get in on this charity auction with the Hosted Game WIP I’m working on? I wouldn’t be able to do so before the end of the month, probably, considering it’s my CScomp entry- but I’d love to put something up for entrants to ‘win’ regarding my story. :slight_smile: Message me, if you think that would be a better place to talk about it. Thanks.


I love this idea, it is a great way of raising money for such a noble cause!

I wish I had $250 to bid on one of these options, but that is like $700 in my country :dizzy_face:

By the way, it looks like someone has already placed a bid on the powered hero option!


Hey, @Samuel_H_Young, can you post about this to the HG Author FB page?


Unfortunately I have no money to spend at the moment… :disappointed:


Awesome ideal and kudos the master mind behind it, definitely will bid on this, and I hope you manage to raise a lot with this donation drive.


Yeah, definitely. I had planned on it, actually. I’ll make the announcement sometime tonight, hopefully.


This is genius. Sadly I can’t contribute but it’s a fantastic idea. Is all the profit being sent to the charity? I’m confused because the post says “20% will be donated” then immediately says “rest assured that they’ll receive 100% of your bid amount.”


So, CharityBuzz takes 20% from your donation (to run their website, etc).

Choice of Games will make a direct contribution to the charity in the amount of that 20%, so that, while yes, only 80% of your donation goes, we’ll give the other 20%, so net 100% of your donation will go to the charity.


Not trying to sound like a bigot but is the Q mean Queer? I’m sorry just not sure what it means.


Google is often a good help if you want to know what something is but are worried about asking. I don’t think asking polite questions is a problem though. BUT I would generally advise against starting anything with “not trying to sound like a bigot” since often that’s followed by some bigoted statement. In your case it isn’t though.

Q is Queer and/or Questioning.


Well I have always thought that the term was mainly used by bigots so that’s where I was confused. I guess since I don’t really care about people’s sexual orientation I just don’t know terms other than gay/straight since I wouldn’t find myself talking about it normally.


These are my own opinions, others may vary. Queer’s one of those words that is an insult, but there has also been an attempt to reclaim it.

If you’re straight, and worried about being seen as bigoted, it’s probably better to err on the side of not using it unless someone’s told you that you explicitly can. If you do use it only use it as an adjective, not as a noun.

I also know of some people to who prefer to use it as a big catch all instead of the mouthful that is LGBTQIA. Or who feel it’s the word that best describes them. It’s probably okay to use it as an umbrella catch all term but you’re likely safer sticking with LGBTQI (delete whichever letters are not appropriate).

I know of some people who hate the word, refuse to use it, and that’s perfectly understandable, because it is still used as a hate-filled slur. In that sense you’re best not to refer to anyone as queer, unless that’s the word they choose to use themselves.

I did some googling and seems to have a decent explanation.


See that’s one reason I tend not to talk about it. I don’t give a care in the world what someone’s sexuality is, sure it would throw me off entirely if a guy hit on me but it’s just because I don’t see myself anywhere near gay(Kinsey scale, if that’s even something that’s still used, 0) but after I know I wouldn’t care.(I might if they didn’t trust me but that’s more on myself seeming untrustworthy in someone’s eyes)


This sort of charity saves lives. They’re so important. I want to thank Choice of Games for organising this, the authors for auctioning cameos, and anyone who bids.


@FairyGodfeather is right on here in my experience.

When I want to refer to the entire nonhetero/noncis spectrum, I’m fond of the QUILTBAG acronym - easy to remember, easy to pronounce.

For a group like My Friend’s Place, though, I would use LGBTQ.


@cvaneseltine I don’t actually like using QUILTBAG myself. Although I definitely stand by those who want to use it, it just feels awfully awkward to me. I’m one of those people who get frustrated if LGBT is used when they don’t actually mean all of those letter so QUILTBAG annoys me even more on that front. But I know it’s a catch all term some people do like using and thanks for mentioning it.


I’d like to thank COG for making this event happen. I’m totally thrilled that my hobby helped raise $1775 to support homeless youth. Also, thanks to the bidders, your donation to such a worthy cause is wonderful.