My Friend's Place Charity Auction Year Two

So, the site for our second Cameo auction is now up!

I guess it’s technically live? But we haven’t sent out a mailer on it yet. But if you have a minute, go poke around on it and see if I missed anything, or may any glaring oversights.

Hopefully, we’ll formally announce on the mailer on Friday.


I’m so glad to see you’re doing this again for a second year! My Friend’s Place does some amazing work.

I read over everything and it looks brilliant. I noticed one minor typo, if you want it, and that was all:

The winner will work closely with Eric Moser and the Hosted Games developmetnt* team to bring the character to life.

Thank you! That’s the sort of thing I needed.

Also, if you have thoughts about snappy marketing copy for the landing page… :slight_smile:

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Um, could you be a little more specific? Like, for Choice of Games or My Friend’s Place or what exactly?

The only thing I could think of off-hand is that here, on the front page:

while contributing to a nonprofit which does important work.

It would maybe be great to mention that My Friend’s Place is also committed to creating and embracing egalitarian culture - and has similar values, in that regard, to Choice of Games.

That’s one of the aspects I really like about My Friend’s Place, their commitment to protecting and promoting people of all identities - part of what they call their ‘low barrier service structure’. Does that all make sense?

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1.Could someone explain what this is?
2. Is this naming npc’s in closed wips?
3.Are these all choice of games or future choice of games titles or hosted as well?

@Kelvin This is a charity event to support a shelter for homeless youth. We ran it last year and it did very well.

The winner gets to help create a character in an upcoming CoG or Hosted Game. Last year, the winner of the Lost Heir 2 prize created the character Naistalan Mubashair, the half-elf cleric who helps the main character in the game.

I imagine each author has a different process for the character creation. Read the desciptions in the link and you’ll see that more than a name can be chosen by the winner. I corresponded with my winner and allowed him to add physical descriptions and some background details too.

So, place a bid! It’s for a great cause. :slight_smile:


I’m the author of Community College Hero, and I’m participating for the first time this year. It’s very exciting to have a chance to raise money for such a worthy charity!

In the hopes of raising as much money as possible, I’m giving the winner bidder for CCH as much “rope” as I can afford to give…namely, the chance to really design a villain (with some limitations obviously to fit within the parameters of the story), including name, physical description, power set, etc. It will have to be a villain who’s more of a “street level” type of baddie, tough enough to pose a challenge but not uber powerful.


There is definitely a mix of CoG and HG games in the auction for a really good cause (I highly recommend checking their website out if you’re curious about the services My Friend’s Place provides).

As far as the sequel to “So, You’re Possessed!” goes, it is currently a closed WIP, but in the next couple months we should be creating a new thread for “Have Human, Will Travel!” and start beta testing sometime in the fall.

@Lucid, it’s awesome to hear from someone who had a positive experience participating last time. Seems like you were able to establish a kind of short working relationship with the winner to develop a more integrated character, thanks for sharing! Hoping to do the same. :smiley:


Hope the charity is twice as successful as last year!


If I weren’t poor I’d so be bidding.

Happy to draw some of these winning charas though.

Edit:literal for charity willing to make digital character art.

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There’s an updated thread on this that Dan posted with more details.


Auction closes tomorrow! Get your bids in!