Name your own character in our charity auctions


Are the final amounts raised available anywhere? It seems that the original auction links are dead.


Not that I know of. I don’t even know what my final amount was.

I’ve heard MOGAI (Marginalised orientations, gender identities and intersex) used as an acronym before. It’s more expandable, and significantly easier to pronounce.
(bit late, I know, sorry)


The Lost Heir: Forging a Kingdom: $1775
Cryptkeepers of Hallowford: $1050
The Hero Project: Redemption Season: $950
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: $250

Total: $4050


WOOOH! Awesome! Well done on raising so much money.


since these games don’t have any demos or WIP’s does anyone know when they might come out


You can check out this thread, but generally there aren’t any set release dates until they’re JUST ABOUT to be out.