Upcoming Releases -- 2015


dystopian tocos sound like futuritic food items that boost the customers immune system, im very curious about it

  1. All games that we release are available on both iOS and Android.

  2. Sorry, Windows Market doesn’t make money.

  3. No, there’s no way to do that.

  4. I didn’t see your refund request. If you meant on Android, that was sent to Google, not us.


Purchases are only transferable between devices and the website, not between devices.

Specifically, if you email me a copy of your receipt from a storefront purchase, I will comp your webstore account with the purchase.

(If you mistakenly purchase on the website first, I will also refund your purchase if you send me a receipt from a purchase on another platform.)

But there is no transferability between platforms (Apple to Steam, Steam to Google, Google to Chrome, etc etc).

It’s always better to buy it on a platform (Steam in particular) than from the website. Yes, we get more per purchase, but the sales ranking and visibility that the store provides is worth that difference.


The other way around, as I understood it.

If you buy it anywhere except the CoG-Store, you can get access to it at the CoG-Store.

If you buy it on the CoG-Store, you don’t get access anywhere else (because there they can’t control the accounts and their access, I presume).

As an aside, that’s good to know. Until now I never bothered to keep the receipts.

In that regard, what is better for you?
Buying it at your store where you get the full price, or at Google / Steam where you get the additional exposure through the sales?

When is the next title coming out?

I’m really looking forward to Samurai of Hyuga. How long does it usually take after submission for Apple to get back to you?


@Saiaxs Stuff will come out when it comes out, and the list will be updated whenever that happens.

Getting things checked out by Apple takes time, which brings us to

Yes, that’s quite possible. From what I heard there were problems getting that approved by Apple, so the game came out on some platforms a long time before the mentioned date. The mentioned date is when it was officially released (or better said, when it was available on all platforms)


So is Factions released yet? Because it is not showing up in the App store.


The dates aren’t exact, they’re just estimates, so it might be delayed a bit, so that’s probably what happened, but that’s just my guess.


It’s out on amazon if you buy your games there


Thanks @orkwut I didn’t even know that…
it has not been released for apple and android, but I really do hope you all enjoy the game when it releases :smile:

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No problem! I just did a quick search and the game came up on the amazon app store.

I’m not sure what this story entails so I’ll be anticipating the release on the apple store :smiley:

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I wish that they will release Factions soon. Can’t wait to try this. I hope the story would be like the Divergent Series.:relaxed:

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I wish they realease Pendragon soon I want to try this one.


Is there any chance of them releasing some older games like Choice of Romance and Star Captain to Steam? I can’t play mobile/tablet games, and I’ve wanted to continue some of those older games since forever.


You can get them all on Google Chrome.


I tried that with the Heroes Rise games before they were on Steam. I couldn’t get them to work. I was under the impression that I needed Google Play.

So far I’ve been really happy with their expansions into Steam, and I’ve gotten a bunch of games, so I was hoping it would extend further back.


Choice of Kung Fu (one of the other older CoG’s) seems to be up for release on steam on the 18th, so there’s a chance it’ll happen. Since new games undoubtedly take priority it might take a while though.


You only need a google account, I use a my gmail account, and of course a card that allows you to buy the games, for purchasing games from chrome webstore.


They’re trying to get all their games onto Steam – and I reckon it’ll happen eventually. Until then, I also used to buy them on Chrome without using Google Play.


As I understand it, they only have a certain amount of points they can spend on uploading games per year, so they have to pick and choose.