Upcoming Releases -- 2015



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Lords of Aswick: Released January 30th.
The Lost Heir: Released February 20th. The start of a trilogy by @Lucid, author of Life of a Wizard and Life of a Mobster.
Seven Bullets: Released February 20th.
Zombien: Released March 6th. A post-apocalyptic game where humanity is beset by both zombies and aliens!
The Hero of Kendrickstone: Released March 13th. By Paul Wang, author of Mecha Ace. You are a young adventurer, seeking fame, glory, and a square meal.
Volunteer Firefighter: Released March 13th.
Choice of the Petal Throne: Released April 10th. You are a young noble in the world of Tékumel. Took 3rd place in IntroComp 2011.
Shadow Horror: Released April 10th. The latest from Allen Gies. A Cthulhu-esque puzzler.
No Proper Thief: Released April 17th. You are a fledgling thief on your first bank heist.
Hollywood Visionary: Released May 1st. By Aaron Reed. You are a movie-maker in 1950s Hollywood, trying to craft your first feature.
It’s Killing Time: Released June 19th. You are a high-priced assassin, traveling the world and killing people in far away places.
Double/Cross: Released July 3rd.
Champion of the Gods: Released July 17th. By Jonathan Valuckas, author of the Fleet. You are a great warrior, striving to make your way in a sword-and-sandal world.
Samurai of Hyuga: Released July 17th.
Dancing with Demons: Released July 31st.
Versus: Released August 21st. A new series by Zachary Sergi. A sci-fi yarn where you are on a prison planet, fighting to return home.
So, You’re Possessed?: Released August 28th.
A Wise Use of Time: Released September 4th. By Jim Dattilo, author of Zombie Exodus. An insurance executive, you awake one morning to find yourself possessed of the ability to command the flow of time. How did this happen, and what are you going to do with your new-found powers?
Ratings War: Released October 2nd. You are a journalist in a cyberpunk future.
Founders Saga: The Culling: Released October 2nd.
Deathless: The City’s Thirst: Releasing 10/23. By Max Gladstone. Another game set in the Craftverse.
Diabolical: Pending submission. Releasing 11/7. You’re a supervillain intent on stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.
Attack of the Clockwork Army: Releasing 11/7. Steampunk adventures Down Under!
A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight: Releasing 11/20. By Heather Albano. A British soldier returned from war must face the dangers of gaslight London.
Factions: Raids of the Divided: Released 11/27.
Pendragon: Released 12/4. A retelling of the Arthurian legend!
Community College Hero: Trial by Fire: Released 12/4. You are a young hero navigating life at community college.
Captive of Fortune: Released 12/11. Sequel to Trial of the Demon Hunter.
MetaHuman, Inc.: Released 12/18. By Paul Gresty, author of The ORPHEUS Ruse. You’re a division head that suddenly becomes CEO of a huge multinational corporation that’s busy developing sorcery/cutting edge technology; you have to deal with typical corporate shenanigans (employee embezzlement, workplace romances gone sour) while trying to fend off the sinister “majority shareholders” and figure out what happened to the previous CEO.
Sixth Grade Detective: Released 12/21. Our first middle-grades targeted game. You are a detective in the 6th grade, solving mysteries and navigating the dangers of the school cafeteria!

The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!
The Lost Heir Trilogy
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Huh, I had hoped we would be able to continue our MC from the first heroes rise but, maybe we could team up with our previous MC!
That would be awesome!


Aaron Reed: http://aaronareed.net/ (Blog here http://lacunagame.blogspot.co.uk/)

Lynnea Glasser: http://www.apollowebworks.com/lynnea/ (Blog here http://lmdadventures.blogspot.co.uk) Creatures such as we came 2nd in IFComp.


Aaron Reed and Lynnea Glasser are great additions to CoG. Aaron’s 18 Cadence is a game I recommend everyone to try, and Lynnea’s Creatures has really changed my perspective on writing romantic interest content.


Hm. Champion of the Gods looks interesting (and since it’s by the author of The Fleet, I’m sure it’s likely to have a lot of punch in a small package).


@Harian You’ll note that Heroes Rise is at the bottom of the list so probably towards the end of the year. That’s just a random guess though, I’ve no idea. Versus needs to be finished first, and that’s due out in May.


What happened to dystopian tacos?



The last I heard, (which was about six months ago) this was still the case for Dystopian Tacos. Since it’s not on the list, maybe 2016? I’m sure it will be worth the wait.


dystopian tocos sound like futuritic food items that boost the customers immune system, im very curious about it

  1. All games that we release are available on both iOS and Android.

  2. Sorry, Windows Market doesn’t make money.

  3. No, there’s no way to do that.

  4. I didn’t see your refund request. If you meant on Android, that was sent to Google, not us.


Purchases are only transferable between devices and the website, not between devices.

Specifically, if you email me a copy of your receipt from a storefront purchase, I will comp your webstore account with the purchase.

(If you mistakenly purchase on the website first, I will also refund your purchase if you send me a receipt from a purchase on another platform.)

But there is no transferability between platforms (Apple to Steam, Steam to Google, Google to Chrome, etc etc).

It’s always better to buy it on a platform (Steam in particular) than from the website. Yes, we get more per purchase, but the sales ranking and visibility that the store provides is worth that difference.


The other way around, as I understood it.

If you buy it anywhere except the CoG-Store, you can get access to it at the CoG-Store.

If you buy it on the CoG-Store, you don’t get access anywhere else (because there they can’t control the accounts and their access, I presume).

As an aside, that’s good to know. Until now I never bothered to keep the receipts.

In that regard, what is better for you?
Buying it at your store where you get the full price, or at Google / Steam where you get the additional exposure through the sales?

When is the next title coming out?

I’m really looking forward to Samurai of Hyuga. How long does it usually take after submission for Apple to get back to you?


@Saiaxs Stuff will come out when it comes out, and the list will be updated whenever that happens.

Getting things checked out by Apple takes time, which brings us to

Yes, that’s quite possible. From what I heard there were problems getting that approved by Apple, so the game came out on some platforms a long time before the mentioned date. The mentioned date is when it was officially released (or better said, when it was available on all platforms)


So is Factions released yet? Because it is not showing up in the App store.


The dates aren’t exact, they’re just estimates, so it might be delayed a bit, so that’s probably what happened, but that’s just my guess.


It’s out on amazon if you buy your games there


Thanks @orkwut I didn’t even know that…
it has not been released for apple and android, but I really do hope you all enjoy the game when it releases :smile:


No problem! I just did a quick search and the game came up on the amazon app store.

I’m not sure what this story entails so I’ll be anticipating the release on the apple store :smiley:


I wish that they will release Factions soon. Can’t wait to try this. I hope the story would be like the Divergent Series.:relaxed: