COG Late 2015(6) Line Up

Oh man the line up for what’s coming out looks Friggen awesome. I mean we’ve got choice of Deathless 2 that just came out.

A indirect sequel to Zombie Exodus (?), the Veruses games just starting up and from things I’ve seen a new branch on Choice Of Heros with a new Protagonist (?) plus a lot of potent games in the develepment & beta phases.

Damn 2015(6) looks like it’s shaping up to be a good year for COG releases. I’m looking forward to it. Anyone else looking forward to anything in particular?

The Best Of Us. Created by the brains behind Lords of Aswick. It’s a superhero CoG inspired by Marvel and DC and you get to fully customise your character, powers included.


I don’t know about you but I’m super excited about Guns of Infinity.

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I’m actually pretty excited about Sixth Grade Detective because it represents an attempt to broaden the current audience. I think it’s a fabulous idea and I’d actually love to write a younger-ages book down the line.

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well we see how well it will work.

I wait for the games Drágóneer, Guenevere, Season 2 of unnatural, Monsters, Best of Us, and Blood For Poppies. I think all of that are WIPs? But I want them authors to finish their game so I can buy them and play…. I like them all and hope that the authors will finish them eventually. Maybe they done when it is 2016?


Noc said he’s planned the deadline for Unnatural season 2 for October 2016


Hmm, I guess I’m looking forward to choice by gaslight. It seems like its the only one that’s different from the rest.

I also hear good things about Community College Hero!


Anybody seen any interesting fan made WiPs? There’s one somebody seems very dedicated to. It’s called Imaginary Friend and is a psychological horror based in Britain by the looks of the vocabulary.

Your MC had an imaginary friend that comforted them during their struggle with a mental disorder, only to find out that it isn’t imaginary at all, and neither are the hallucinations.


Personally speaking I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think that the audience is fine as it is. Though that’s just my opinion. Personally I think we should start to go upwards in age but that’s just me.

I’m actually very excited about the first title for younger readers, as well. A bookshop-keeping friend of mine was telling me recently that she can’t keep any of the old Choose Your Own Adventures in stock because they sell out so quickly. It seems like excellent timing to introduce interactive fiction designed for that age group, especially now that a lot of younger people own smartphones and tablets, these days. It’ll be great for kids who like to read, and a fantastic opportunity to snag kids who don’t read so much…which is always a good thing, to my mind.


Very excited for Demon Lord of the Labrynith, sounds pretty freaking AWESOME!

I grew up playing old Infrocom games my old man had and gave me, it might just be hard for me to adjust to it. I think it remains to be seen. After I stopped playing Infrocom I forgot that these even existed until I stumbled onto Choice Of Dragons by accident and got hooked again. I suppose I can really only judge after its out. I am weary though, if the target age group starts to gesr towards younger audiences that the creativity might start to lack.

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Why not the best of all possible worlds? I think there are still plenty of titles for older readers in the works, with various age bracket targets and ratings. Even with previous titles, there’s everything from the violence of NOLA is Burning to the retro Hollywood to the light-hearted (if morbid) Neighbourhood Necromancer.

Personally, I want to eventually write something aimed at the octogenarian crowd after my current WIP is complete. My grandmum and her friends have smart phones and are rather excited about interactive fiction, especially since it’s friendly to those with vision difficulties.

And to get a bit more squarely back on topic, I’m looking forward to Metahuman Inc. being released because I love the hodgepodge of genres (massive corporations, sorcery, and tech, what could go wrong, aye?).

Seriously, I think an old school mystery (think Agatha Christie) would appeal to readers of all ages, including older readers.

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I suppose so, I guess the only way we’ll really get to know is after them come out. If not else it should still be rather entraining.

Yup. I’m rally looking forward to Guns of Infinity. The game is almost done (Only the Epilogue an importante system missing) so I believe it will be released by early 2016.