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Not entirely sure a blind person would understand the concept of “dark” either, blind people don’t see a lack of light like we do, they see nothing. I don’t think secluding yourself in a dark room is anything close to what blindness is


This is one of the big cons of Sergi’s writing:

I give him that he wants to do right and good, but…
He appears to not to do the research etc into what he’s writing about, relying on half-knowledge, clichés and common misconceptions.

I’d say this is a core problem:
Sergi is at his best (and i mean this as I say it) when he is writing characters as characters, as inhabitants of the world he places them in.
When he, so to speak, lets them to their thing.
But he will constantly, in lack of a better word, relapse into trying to write them as a message.
When he tries to write them as representation or as a role, he’ll take away what personality they might have, which is where things start to go awry.

As said before, the sole scene with Prodigal that worked for me was where she tells the MC that they “have to find [her] mom and get out of here, posthaste!”
Because here she comes across as being affected by what is happening, as being stressed out by it. In all other scenes Sergi seemed more focused on how wacky and crazy she is, which, though ymmv, takes away from what is going on.
It feels forced, it feels false, it feels… numbing.


Well, therein lies the problem, right?
Even if an ordinary person “does the research,” that doesn’t really make them an expert in any particular field now does it?
Example: Here’s an article entitled The Employer’s Guide to Aspergers Syndrome.
If I am an employer, and I read this article, does that suddenly make me a mental health expert?
No, it does not.
Sure, I may be a little more well-informed, but how much research is “enough” research to do a topic justice?
I’d say the answer varies from person to person.
As far as our own individual answers, I’d say that if we (as potential authors) think we can do better, then we should focus our time and energy into making a better product.
In that sense, we can look back after we’re done and thank the authors whose stories inspired us to achieve our own success, however indirectly.


None of us can make a better product out of THP, and Zach’s particular political arena is one I prefer not to involve myself in for many reasons. That however does not mean that I or anyone else can’t be critical of him just because we haven’t or won’t write something similar to his work. You don’t have to be a brilliant director to know a film is bad


I’m not expecting him to become an expert on what he’s writing about, no one really can do that without personal experience, but what one can expect is, well, in lack of a better word, tact.

When you have a muslim girl admire the confederation and its entire sentiment, when you have a trans woman be solely there to talk about being trans and then be scolded by a cis person that she’s not using her platform enough to fight for LGBTQ+ rights, when you have an entire scene bringing up depression and have the character overcome it by the phrases that have been proven to be a major factor driving people to commit suicide…


I feel like that’s a reaction to the ‘ugh the game punishes you for not playing to your stats’ complaints.


You’ll laugh, trying to play to my stats had me end up with less points more often.


Zach also could have listened to some beta feedback a bit more.


I feel like that’s a reaction to the ‘ugh the game punishes you for not playing to your stats’ complaints.

definitely, this game is such a breath of fresh air when compared to stat focused games, where your choice and outcome is limited by your stats, it feels good to have the freedom of choice at least in this type of game.


Ah yes. The scene that caused beta testers two panic attacks (that i know of) and is still there.


I personally really liked that scene as the MC has the chance to talk to Weaver one on one, in my opinion it’s nowhere near as bad as it is being described here


not just that. It’s even one of the screenshots in the store… Putting the problem into the spotlight is not a triggerwarning! sigh


what is the point of stats if they do nothing? If you can do fine or get good results by just picking whatever what is even the point of it?


yeah that’s a good point, i do agree with your point about how the amount of research needed is very subjective, and that the amount of research needed varies from person to person, whether Zach did the topic justice is hard to say, and i don’t think anything less than a poll would demonstrate anything

though since this novel is about superpower and power fantasy, i would say he did a decent job and glad that he at least mentioned the topics.


Feels like i’m getting Déjà vu here, i already said that i like the freedom of it, and that stat should only be secondary to the character, and only modify the story as the character’s reaction towards MC, and that’s something i personally value


I honestly think this is a question about game design that probably would go beyond the scope of this thread and may is worth it’s own topic to avoid derailing the topic…

eh, idk as person that is part of some groups that he tried to represent I clearly felt like there is pretty strong need to do some catching up on his side.


I am serious about shutting this thread down - if this turns into a circle-jerk or a flame war, it is closed.


Back on topic:

As mentioned before: Who are the 10 ROs the description speaks of? Is Jury counted twice?


to be honest, with such a polarized topic, it’s hard to find a balance.

eh, idk as person that is part of some groups that he tried to represent I clearly felt like there is pretty strong need to do some catching up on his side.

I’m glad that you have an opinion on such a matter, as i feel most people tend to ignore that area, nevertheless i respectfully disagree and let’s call it agree to disagree and move on.


Your character is defined by stats, to keep this on topic I’ll use my HR MC, Booster, he’s a fame seeking hero with no regard for the law who likes to do things his way, all these traits, these characteristics, are reflected in his stats (fame>justice, lawless>lawful, soloist>team player). He even underwent some character development over the series, learning that being a hero isn’t always about the glory, and that perhaps having some back-up isn’t so bad (stats changed throughout the course), I felt like I had a hand in developing this character, his choices were my choices, his failures were my failures. Booster couldn’t do whatever he wanted, Booster is not a god, no matter how powerful he is. But I’d prefer not to have yet another thread closed so I’m just going to drop it at that