The Hero Project: Open Season — Can you win America’s #1 reality show for heroes?

Well, of course YMMV, that’s true for any RO, but I like to see it as character development for him. If he acted like this the whole time of course it wouldn’t be interesting, it would be a character who is stagnant. But he didn’t. He changed and evolved and he’s a better person now than who he was before. Personally I like it.


Is he? As said, I found him too bland, too replaceable, too dull. To me it’s not character development if the character ends up something this… empty. He lost every bit that made him him, and that’s not good. This feels more like a brainwash than anything.

To put it like this, were they songs, Jury’s Footloose (original), whereas verdict is… elevator music


Let’s agree to disagree. I just think we need to remember that he’s not just the character in this book.

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So I haven’t finished but I really hope there’s not another season of THP down the line. It really sucks to do everything perfect and then have your victory stolen away because “story…” every time. Then again, as I said, I haven’t finished even the first run yet. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

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In this case you don’t get your victory stolen (aside from the on at the actual project, so yeah, the answer to the tagline is ‘nope, cause the plot won’t let me’, but the rest… You don’t even earn ‘saving the world’. No matter how you play, you’ll always win there…

Overall I love the entire series of the Hero Project. However I was disappointed that I never got closure with Miss Boss as my love interest. I kept holding out but she never woke up from her coma, even in the epilogue.

@MeltingPenguins I hope you can stop dissing the game. I agree that its bad but you have been repeating the same points over and over and make it sound like this is the worst game of all time. If you dont trust me, read every single post you have made about this game (including the one on the other threads). I think your hate speech has probably surpassed the wordcount of the game. I seriously think it is time for you to stop.

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Criticism isn’t hatespeech. That is a huge misrepresentation of what @MeltingPenguins or I or anyone else who has criticism of this game is saying


I dont understand the intention of hammering the same point time and again. Criticism is meant to express your opinion. If repeating the same point is your expression of criticism, I think you are mistaken. If you think I am wrong, tell me what is the necessity of repeating the same points over and over.

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Repetition is reinforcement. There are also new people coming to this thread, or people who might not read through the whole thing. Or maybe it’s just a way of expressing just how bad it really is. And no matter how many times you repeat a criticism it still isn’t hatespeech


Let’s remember, please, to discuss the game and not one another, aye?

If you have an issue with someone’s post, per the FAQ, just flag it and let the moderators step in. Thanks, all.


I would call it brainwashing but whatever

Only if you allow new opinions to come in, will you know if people have any alternate opinions or if others found something interesting.

I think this argument can go on since it is a matter of perception. So I dont want to talk about it here, DM’s maybe?


A little note:
You can play OS by just clicking next and will not only still win, but end with a legend score of 86 (if you made a new character, thus starting at 50).

This is not a CYOA. It’s a novella.

“Here, let me call criticism ‘brainwashing’ and ‘hatespeech’, which totally aren’t terms meant to portray an opinion inferior to the one I agree with. While scolding the position I don’t agree with for not ‘allowing others’ all so that no one dares voicing opinions other than those i agree with.”


Back on topic:

As said, i’m waiting for the copyedit patch to see if some things that were really off get better.
As for what’s stated before:
In no other game of the series could you just click ‘next’ and yet win.
Why here? This is meant to conclude the series, versus epilogue tie-in or not.


If this discussion is becoming a circular argument, it will be shut down.

To avoid that: if you have already stated your position, please take a short break and allow others to share their perspective too. Please avoid repetitively hammering a single view without adding anything new.

As @Fiogan said above: please reply to posts topically, please do not reply at others personally. Personal comments lead to friction and flaming.


All that salt aside, what do y’all think Weaver looks like, I don’t think her appearance is ever described. Not sure if this is Zach not caring or if it’s an intentional nod to how Weaver is blind

I’m definitely glad with how they handled Jury, definitely worth the effort I put into him in the original trilogy, would totally choose him as a romantic option if i go for another run.

Also for those that haven’t played it yet, PLAY IT! open season in my eye is a huge improvement from redemption, and the quality is on par with that of the original. Also for those that are into Versus, as Zach’s facebook post said, you might want to check out the hero project series to see where Versus is going.


You are totally right! Jury is definitely is best husband and is one of the most reliable guy out there despite not having any superpowers, i would definitely be interested in reading some stories involving his transformation, sort of like the short story in redemption, which is a possibility that I’m very excited about.

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I’m not planning to buy this game (I own all the other ones, so that should tell you alot) but I’m reeeeeally curious to know about how the Weaver ‘romance’ ended up ableist if you don’t mind? I have in my head how bad it could be, and I wanna know if I’m right or not.

There’s a scene where they’ll lead the MC in a dark room to make them ‘understand’ what their life is like, and how being blind is actually a blessing and stuff which basically powers up the MC because just from being in a dark room for 5 minutes they totally understand what it’s like for weaver and how yah, being blind is totally a blessing. It’s pure ‘inspiration p*rn’, aka the disabled character solely exists to inspire the abled character/audience.


…Oh. o.o Yeah. That…That part could use some work.