The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


It’s working with the same sort of willpower, it’s just that spellcasters in Korilandis parse it and categorise it in different ways: the spells they cast are different because the way they mentally define their effects are different.


First of all, your work is amazing and I love your stories! :slight_smile:
In my third playtrough I wanted to create a more “diverse skilled” character, so I played a young bard becoming the squire of Dame Mildred and learning the practical sciences from various castle staff. In the end, I was quite satisfied, but one thing bothered me ; despite all my hard trainings sessions with Dame Mildred, my weapons and armor skills stayed at 0, while my woodcraft skill jumped to 3 … Is it a bug?



There are two types of stats: the ‘major stats’ (the four you can improve throughout the game, which also affect the most choices), and the ‘minor stats’ (things you learn in between major stat gains. For example, learning about the Flowering Court at the start of a chapter).

The automatic growths you get with Dame Mildred affect the major staf for combat, while the minor stats are affected by interactions like with the castle staff.



So the squire is minor nobility. This interests me a bit because it means their family isn’t so unimportant and/or dead as to be swept under the rug so the PC can go a-questing without pesky parents getting in the way.

Can we have some details about the squire’s family? And will they, or the PC’s noble status for that matter ever be a factor in future games?


While I wouldn’t go as far as @Lotus does by calling your lore skills “minor”, they are based more on book-learning than they are on physical ability. Your Lore:Weapons and Armour skill is less about using weapons and armour as it is knowledge about the strengths, weaknesses, names, and idiosyncrasies of various different types of arms and armour. Dame Mildred’s more practical-minded education skips that, and focuses more on actually using the weapons you have by boosting your prowess.

I’m actually keeping that in my pocket for now. At some point, I might include something which the squire might be able to approach differently due to their family connections, or the like.


So I finished playing Kendrickstone today and I liked it.

It was good. I really enjoyed the scope of making variable skills for different MCs, the whole mentor interactions, the many different characters we get to see (Isan, the duke and Elaine of Sonnemerci being my favorites) and the sheer scope of the choices we make. Which makes me think that a sequel will porbably be tough to code.

Al in all, I think it’s a strong CoG, and I’m looking forward for Cryptkeepers of Hallowford.


@Cataphrak, I ran into this bug:

I spared Caroline twice during my three playthroughs. When I chose a plan, I picked William’s. When it came do kidnap a bandit, the text referred to him as male. But, at the end of the game, the Duke refered to the one who helped me as Caroline.


You didn’t take her prisoner the second time, did you?
Because otherwise, that is a bug.


When I met Edmund on the road? I didn’t, just left her there.


I’ll take a look then.

EDIT: It’ll be fixed next update.


Thank you very much.

Hey, if anyone still reads this thread, I’ve been struggling with completing Isan’s task of getting the Flowering Court amulet during William’s quest. Is there any way to do get both?



There are three checks that determine how quickly you get to the meeting place in time. 5 or greater in prowess + morale so you don’t have to stop and rest on the way, flowering court lore to quickly recognize the amulet, and economic lore to intuit where exactly the meeting is taking place. You need to pass at least two of the checks to get the amulet and the chalice, assuming you don’t stop to loot Berwick’s manse.


I see. Thanks! I only tried the Flowering Court knowledge and failed.


If you want to do this, my advice is to max your morale. +3 Morale (+2 from living well, +1 for buying a blessing) will get any adventurer there fast enough, as well as solving any and all problems along the way.


@Cataphrak, I think I found a continuity error. In the William chapter (V, An Object Lesson), I managed to sneak behind Lord Berwick using subterfuge and that made the guards go away. But when I talked to William, he said that it wasn’t easy making dead guards disappear.


That sounds like an error from an older version. I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed it because it doesn’t show in mine.


It’s actually set at the manse. If you attack the guards there, even to knock them out, “dead_guards,” or whatever the variable is, is set true.


Aaah, I see. I didn’t think of that. Thanks, Cascat. And sorry for taking up the time for something that wasn’t a coninuity error at all.


I got this when I was playing the Android version:

With bright blade in hand,
he faced the bandits’ rage,
and in a great battle,
vanquished the black-clad mage. Cunning and virtuous,
let our hero be known,
as the best of our city,
The Hero of Kendrickstone!

The bug doesn’t occur when I’m playing the site version.


So, since Cryptkeepers of Hallowford is now on the Official Games launchlist, I’m thinking of making a whole TvTropes page for the Kendrickstone games, just like Heroes Rise and Choice of Steampunk have.

What does everyone think?