The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


Ahh I see I guess it a good place to store all my MC flowering court artifacts. Will our MC have more of a chance to Explore runis of the Flowering Court as the game goes on? Also if we work for Isan will we put what we learned about his home land to any use in the next game?


Scheming, maniacal laughter


Hmm ok if we play as a wizard will the book of mad wispers play a bigger part if we decide to keep it or is the spoilers?


Losing your sanity while deep in a creepy crypt sounds like a great situation (but still better than being the city’s other Court Wizard).


Let’s see that book try and take over again I’ll put it back in it’s place again.


@Cataphrak, if the MC declined a reward on William’s mission (resulting in the favor) will there be limits to the favor? E.g. if the MC, say, wants someone dead and calls in the favor, would William actually get the target killed?


That would depend on who the MC would want killed, pretty much.


@Cataphrak-Just a few questions about being a wizard:

  1. What exactly are the benefits of being named a Court Wizard? Is there a salary, quarters, or materials that go with it?

  2. Can they use magic to extend their lives? For how long?

3.What exactly is the Divine Court’s opinion on magic?


Will the favor carry over to future games? I’m sorry if you’ve answered this before.


1: You get to live on the Duke’s payroll basically. Instead of being forced to scrounge for money, you become part of his household and are allowed not only quarters (in this case, you’d be sharing Isan’s tower), but a budget for experiments and research as well.
2: That’s beyond the current state of magic, however, it is said that the Flowering Court was able to develop magic which would make someone effectively immortal before they disappeared, and that is all I can say about that without lapsing into spoilers.
3: Technically, the Divine Court aren’t so much your normal sort of Gods as they are a panel of judges who decide the laws of the universe. Spellcasters actually figure into this prominently, in the sense that the reason why magic is based on willpower is because spellcasting is effectively the process of setting your will against the Divine Court regarding a certain aspect of reality (say, for example: “this person trying to kill me is now on fire”) and arguing for the desired effect strongly enough and specifically enough that the Court concedes the point.

Basically, the Divine Court is an actual legal court which determines the material state of the universe, and wizards are basically lawyers.

Yes, it will.


But I do assume that our relationship with Isan would be basically unchanged, despite our equal titles?


"Equal" is a misnomer. You’re still the junior Court Wizard, you just have sanction to act independently now.
As for Isan, I’d imagine he’d be generally chill enough to stay in his own lane unless you go to him for help, or you start doing something really dangerous.


But the formal apprenticeship would come to an end, then?


Yeah. You’re standing on your own professional reputation now.


Oh joy…


Should be noted that virtually nobody is likely to treat you as an apprentice after the first game. You’re a proven adventurer, or at least “proven” in the safest part of the Concordat. (Having saved Kendrickstone does not mean that you’re ready to raid the deeper levels of a Flowering Court ruin, it should be noted.)


Eh, I didn’t want to be Isan’s “equal” so I decided to keep the book instead. Keeping the epic book named Book of Madness or whatever it was (it’s been a while) couldn’t possibly backfire in the future, right?


So he’s less our mentor and more our occasional adviser now? And that’s pretty much the case for William and Mildred too?

Shame, I feel like there is so much more Isan has to teach.



This was touched on briefly during the MC’s apprenticeship to Isan, but what are the differences between systems of magic in Korilandis and the Concordat?


If I remember right Concordant focus on elements and Korilandis has something to do with necromancy and such. I think I’m about to go replay the game and see.