The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


Not really. The Sword is tracked by two variables, one which tracks it for the stat sheet, and one which tracks it for the entire series. Even if it says that you don’t have the sword at the very end of the story, you’ll have it with you for the sequel.


Thank you both for the quick answers


@Cataphrak there is a bug in the song at the end.

With bright blade in hand,
he faced the bandits’ rage,
and in a great battle,
vanquished the black-clad mage. Cunning and virtuous,
let our hero be known,
as the best of our city,
The Hero of Kendrickstone!


@urban I think I’ve fixed it in the webstore version. Do you have access to that?


Is it the CoG site version? If it is, then yes.


Let me know if it’s fixed, next time you play through.


Played again and still have the same issue.


Ah, yes. Sorry, I’m having trouble pushing the new version. :frowning:

Will let you know when I have it sorted.


Hello! I was told that this is where I can report bugs with Kendrickstone. I just got it recently and for some reason, I could never get past the first page of chapter 5. When I click next, the game would just freeze. Then I’d restart it and go to Continue and the screen would just be blank white.

I tried it with ver 1.0.5 on iOS 9.2.1 multiple times.


If it’s not giving you any kind of error popup, then that sounds like an issue with choicescript itself, rather than the actual scripting.


It seems to have been fixed now.


This is the way it looks when it freezes

And when I restart. Sorry, I dunno what you meant with the choicescipt


Basically, if you don’t get a popup with “Error ###: description of error” that means there’s nothing I can do about it.


Oh darn…ok thanks :frowning:


@Cataphrak, out of sheer curiosity, if the MC was able to get the bandit uniform, did the MC keep it or get rid of it afterwards? I think we should keep it, just in case.


Also, if we choose the ‘bard’ background, why does the MC have 1 Flowering Court knowledge?


Because the Flowering Court is the religion - and the source of legends - of the Concordat.


Just the former, actually. The Divine Court is the basis of the Concordat’s religion.
A bit confusing, but I’m trying to make an effort to distinguish the two.

As for the bandit outfit, it loses its utility afterwards: since only Milius Black-Clad’s bandits used black dye (which is expensive to purchase or make, as William of Hallowford points out). It’d be like keeping an SS uniform around after 1945.



Oh, I see. IIRC, after 1945, Axis holdouts were eventually hunted down. Considering how the Waffen-SS members were treated after WW2: yeah, it is best to not keep it.


Will we have to pay some kind of land tax if we choose the house as I reward at the end of the game? Also is the only advantage to get the house is a place to sleep and some influence since it is in one of the best neighborhoods.( I assume)


As a gift from the Duke, the house doesn’t come with any financial strings attached.
Mind you, having a house in the Brightwall District effectively makes you one of the city’s upper class, not that it matters too much, since you won’t be headed back to Kendrickstone for a while.