The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


So basically we just can’t win.
Time to find a way to win.



  1. How many games do you plan in this series?
  2. Who would care about some orphans if the MC really sacrifices them?
    3a) How is the adventurers guild of Kendrickstone organized, are there any elected or appointed officers?
    b) Could the MC try to unite all guilds in the realm under their leadership?


Can we get a basic explanation of the koralandine magic system?
I know that its classified with firmament,entropy,and spirit but how does that work?
do they increase entropy to make fire?
And what does altering spirit do?
And firmament?
And would it be possible to use this to completely remove entropy from a system thereby achieving absolute zero and completely killing anything we come across?

  1. “As many as he can” was his answer when @NJG asked him about a month ago.


But has he any more precise plans and plotlines for games after Grypthkeepers of Hallowford?


2: I don’t know: why don’t you ask Milius Black-Clad?
3: I might dig more into guild politics later, but for the moment, it’s not really relevant.

The Korilandine magic system I’ll devote more time to when/if we actually get to Korilandis.


I saw that you mentioned the city-state of Fiore was a thing. Is this the same Fiore that you were considering placing “Choice of the Duelist” in a while back, or something new entirely?


Why yes.
Yes it is.


Sweet! The concept seemed very interesting and I’m really glad to see it wasn’t scrapped. Would anything we do in the Kendrickstone saga ever impact Fiore or the world as a whole to the extent that there would be any reason to import a save into Choice of the Duelist? Or would CotD be a completely self-contained story?



  1. The MC is part of the middle class, right?
  2. Is the social classes in the THoK universe similar to those in the real-life Middle Ages?
  3. How was Forester’s Hollow affected by Milius’ bandits?
    3a) In the sequel, The Creptkeepers of Hallowford, can we visit Forester’s Hollow on the way to Hallowford?
  4. If Milius was captured, does the MC get to attend his trial?
  5. We’re gonna find out his sentence in TCoH, right?


It’d probably be a spinoff if I ever manage it.

1: Not really: As a shepherd or a villager, the MC is yeomanry, while as a bard, they’re effectively a “casteless” commoner who doesn’t really fit into any social order. The squire, on the other hand is minor nobility. None of these origins really fit into a middle class.
2: Close enough, in The Concordat at least.
3: Considering that Forester’s Hollow is mostly a self-contained economy focusing mostly on subsistence agriculture, not that much.
3a: Forester’s Hollow isn’t on the way to Hallowford.
4/5: No

Incidentally: the more brusque I get with answers, the less of a mood I am to answer long lists of questions. Yes, that was a warning.


I was just thinking. I intend to continue to avoid killing anyone whenever possible in the next games like I did in the first. Since a large part of this series seems to be developing your fame as an adventurer, will the way you deal with situations contribute at all to your reputation? I can imagine that a character who’s gained a reputation for brutality might inspire more fear in their foes, but also might inspire them to fight with more desperation and determination because they don’t have any hope of being given quarter. On the flip side a character who doesn’t kill may become viewed as “weak” (despite the fact that they accomplished just as much as the more lethal character) and people might underestimate them, but less determined foes might be more inclined to surrender to someone who has a reputation for mercy. Hell, some not so bad guys might even see you as a chance to get out of a bad situation, like you can save them from themselves. Then again, maybe I want to try to avoid gaining much of a reputation for mercy or brutality altogether if possible. If I inspire the right amount of fear in my foes then it only takes a minimum amount of force to get them into a state where I can afford to show mercy. And that mercy is all the more affecting to them when it’s not expected. Sorry if this was nonsense. It made sense in my head.



Replayed the game recently, and got to wondering.

Will becoming a knight, court wizard, etc tie us down to Kendrickstone in any way, or will the Duke be lenient and let us go on adventures in other lands?


I’m tackling this on a case to case basis, but for the next installment, I plan on the player character being present upon the Duke’s orders as Kendrickstone’s envoy, if they’re holding government office.


::nudge:: how’s that pitch coming along?


It’s happening! I swear! I’ve got about four pages of stuff put together already!


How can I save Sir Edmund and the family as a Squire? I read I need the Sling, but I cant use it in the fight.



Click for solution.

Choose “Help defend the cart and those hiding behind it” during the encounter. Make sure you have a sling and your prowess and morale combined amount to at least 4.

Easy peasy.


When I choose to keep the sword of Kendrick Giant-Slayer, it vanished from tthe inventory. Is it a bug or its normal?



Sounds like a bug. @Cataphrak will probably fix it once he starts on Cryptkeepers of Hallowford and has to get the variables in order for the import system.