The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


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I am going to have so much fun with my “studies” into the flowering court.
evil maniacal laughter

As an envoy can my MC marry into the royal family of another country and thereby become royalty?


As a commoner with no titles, little property, and no land?
Good luck with that.


I know right we need a title like “Knight of Kendrickstone” or “Gentleman of Kendrickstone” oh, oh wait or “Hero of Kendrickstone” something like that man would be awesome if you could include it!


Ok how about this…
As Jayde the Magus, Master of the magics of The Flowering Court, Owner of the book of mad whispers (and any other assortment of magic artifacts), Apprentice and Heir to the Title Court Mage of Kendrickstone.) Can I marry the noble family of a foreign country?
(Or at least turn them to ash after they reject me using my newfound flowering magic.)


Let’s just say that if I ever give you the chance to actually understand and use Flowering Court magic, I’m going to have to make you work for it.

A title with no attendant incomes or estates? That doesn’t count!


Whaaaat!? Gentleman or woman gets a nice rundown estate that comes full furnished with a deadly pitfall trap at the rear entrance. What royal maid (or the dude version of maid) could deny such luxurious accommodations???


How much information is in the book of mad whispers?

(Also making me work for the magic that the court used is just going to make me enjoy it more)


Sure, an estate with no ability to pay for its own upkeep. That barely even qualifies!

Both not enough, and too much.


But it does qualify…

We could turn it into a tourist attraction! “If you look to your left you can see where I the Hero of Kendrickstone inadvertently fell into a supposedly deadly pitfall trap and barely wounded myself (my subterfuge was too low you see). Sir! Please do not touch the deadly pitfall trap!!!”

That’s mad steady income brother… I’ll be beating the royal ladies and gents away with a stick!


Does it contain any information on the location of other artifacts and what they do?(cause that’d be great)
To quote the evil overlords list:
Before employing any captured artifacts or machinery, I will carefully read the owner’s manual.

And are there any other sentient artifacts?


Unfortunately, heroes are pretty common this close to the frontier. Maybe if you burnished your reputation with further adventures…

Oh! Of course! It knows where all the Flowering Court artifacts are hidden. It could tell you everything. All you have to do is let it into your mind.


If I let it into my mind it would be both repulsed and driven mad by all the greed evil bloodlust and hate inside of my MC’s mind but I am considering it.
Or maybe I should find a way to placate the book.
What does the book want @cataphrak?


Nothing that won’t lead you to a premature bad end.


Can we try to negotiate with the book or find some sort of loophole or work around.
instead of trading all of my sanity I can keep 50-75% of it or take a loss to my characters will or something?


I’m obviously not a psychologist, but I’m… pretty sure sanity doesn’t work like that.


Can I trade by using human sacrifices?


That sounds like one of the ways to get yourself headed towards a bad end.


Can we plan a massive overly complicated gambit to get the artifacts, master flowering court magic, find out how they disappeared sacrifice orphans (that was the book not me) and get extremely famous and wealthy at the same time.
And if we let the book into our mind how bad will it be?


1: I’m not sure how that would work.
2: The only good thing about possession by the Book of Mad Whispers, is that such a state is so obvious to any outside observer, that the “vessel” can be quickly killed before they do any real harm.
Let’s just leave it at that.