The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


Without his permission?
That’s a big no-no, adventurer.

If you don’t mind a bad-end involving an ol’fashioned short-drop hanging, then yes.


Really? I thought it would be more knife in the kidney out back of the inn “Lord William sends his regards…”


Why violate the established norms of peaceable everyday life to have someone killed when you can use those norms (and the people who enforce them) to do your dirty work for you?


Because it’s scary…?


Scarier than “You can’t run to the law because I can turn it against you”?


You’re right that’s pretty good too.


So that’s why he gave it to the MC. Anyway, is Lord Berwick’s family aware of his smuggling operations?

The old Duke's voice rises to address the whole hall. "I charge each and every one of you here with the    task of letting it be known throughout the city, that Jayde, the savior of the city, has requested no recompense, save that he be remembered for Him great deed."

Should be his great deed.
Also how big can our adventurers guild grow potentially?


1: Fixed.
2: That depends on how many installments I end up writing, though the organisation will always be more like a network of loosely affiliated agents than a standing army.


So to use the guild to the highest degree of effectiveness its less about martial might and more about spreading our influence, increasing our wealth and such to the point where we can threaten adventures by “blacklisting” and keeping all the good quests that the guild receives out of their hand.

And how does the guild work is it
1.We receive quest
2.we give quest to adventurer of our choosing or just post it up in our guild hall for one of our agents to pick
3.adventurer does quest.
4.we pay adventurer part of the money given to the guild from quest giver.
Or is it something entirely different?


Sort of. In this case, an Adventurers’ Guild would allow for a clearinghouse which would let would-be adventurers pick up jobs, equipment, and training (through partnership with other guilds), but it would also serve as a conduit for collective bargaining: instead of having to deal with every individual adventurer, local governments can deal with guild leadership. Likewise, the guild has a lot more resources and can negotiate from a far stronger position than individual adventurers: they could negotiate things like legal privileges for guild members, and in return, individual members would be bound by codes of conduct, and can’t just skip town with their advance payment if they don’t feel like doing the job anymore.

So everyone benefits, theoretically.


I assume that there are multiple adventurer guilds if so.
1:How many are there?
2:Can we try to gain a sort of monopoly with which we can basically become a financial and political power house.(basically I want the ability to stand toe to toe with William)
3:Also is there a fighter and a mages guild if not who do I go to for the training of my members?


1: There are numerous guilds within any town worthy of the name, usually focused around a single type of skilled labour. Kendrickstone has over two dozen, who meet regularly and send a representative to the Duke (the current representative is, of course, William of Hallowford).
2: Not really. Kendrickstone’s adventuring guild would be a relatively limited organisation, especially since most adventurers ply their trade further west, in the Iron Marches. Having a monopoly on adventuring within the heavy tamed lands of the Concordat would be like having a monopoly on the construction of horse-drawn buggies.
3: The city of Concordat has a school of swordsmanship which is legally a guild under its charter. There are yet more in Fiore and the other Island-Cities (those are another story for another time though). Mages aren’t guilded though, they’re generally trained through systems of patronage within local governments, or by the apparatus of the church.


So will I get the chance to establish another headquarters further west in the iron marches and recruit more adventurers into the guild.
Can I then use these adventurers to amass wealth and then use this wealth to form cities and such after taming portion of the iron marches there by setting up a sort of country then set up the capital of that country to be the main head of the guild.
Scheming maniacal laughter.


Why yes, that is a possible endgame.
Kendrickstone itself was founded by a successful adventurer, after all.


Can I then end the game with my MC starting his attempts at world domination?(with the beginning of his plot being the epilogue?)


Not this one, not technically.
Though you can announce your intent to amass power as early as Chapter 2.


How powerful can the mage mc’s get?
Can I end the series as a fire spewing explosion causing war god of death?(Basically a one man army)


There aren’t any real hard limits to how powerful a caster can get. The real limitation is based on a relatively elementary understanding of the forces which a mage works with. That’s why Concordat magic is fundamentally different from Korilandine magic, because each respective culture has their own way of classifying forces and elements. Theoretically, there’s nothing stopping a wizard from casting a spell that replicates the effects of a thermonuclear weapon, if he were to know what that exactly entailed.


So have my mage become a scientist?
Does that mean that the reason that the flowering court dissipated had something to do with how they classified forces and elements and how that affected their magics?
So that means that if I can replicate it I can achieve the power the flowering court had?