The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


What is the books will?


Now that would be spoilers.



Was the razorclaw’s foreleg meant for Isan’s research into the magic circles, or something else?


They were. In fact, every quest Isan gives you ties into his research into the magic circles.


What do dismembered animal parts have to do with Isan’s research? Something about them being bred by the Flowering Court, I presume.


That, and the fact that not only was the Razorclaw acting more aggressive than usual, it was living quite near one of the circles itself.



So normal razorclaws aren’t aggressive?:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Normally, they aren’t as aggressive as to attack humans. Isan had hypothesised that perhaps the magic circle had an effect on its behaviour.
Naturally, that proves to be a false hypothesis, but he was going off what information he had.



Well, in that case, why was it aggressive? Also, can you tell me more about a steelfang?


The razorclaw was aggressive because humans were encroaching on her territory.


And the razorclaw had to protect its young



  1. Hoe exactly does one create magic rings?
  2. Since my MC tried to make a deal with Lord Berwick, then Dame Mildred saw through my lie, could I sell Lord Berwick’s ring?


1: One doesn’t. They’re Flowering Court artifacts too.
2: It’s a signet ring. Considering the fact that it’s got the crest of a relatively prominent noble family on its face, trying to sell it would bring attention from all the wrong places.



Oh, wearing/selling it is out if the question then. I don’t really want people thinking that my MC stole it or something, So the only thing to do with the signet ring is to either keep it or go to Torinhall so we can visit House Swanfall’s estate and give it back to them. I wonder what happens when we do the latter.

Also, if it isn’t too spoilery, how influential is House Swanfall?


Couldn’t the MC file off the crest or pay a goldsmith to do it?


Oh, there’s an idea.
(Swanfall’s got some money and power, they’re the equivalent of Sonnmerci, roughly speaking)

Considering the fact that Kendrickstone’s goldsmiths and jewellers are guilded, that would bring even more attention to yourself. Filing it down yourself would require a good steel file, which, incidentally, are worth significantly more than a brass signet ring.


@Cataphrak, how important are signet rings to noble houses? Do they see it as worthless trinkets, expensive accessories or worthless stuff which are only expensive because of the presence of the sigil?


That signet ring is worth only a few silver coins, right?


The sigil is the only important part about it: a signet ring is used to seal documents: it’s the equivalent of rank insignia, secure e-mail account, fingerprint, and ID cards all in one. To most upstanding citizens, a signet ring is worthless. To the rightful owner, it would be something they would literally kill you for. Any law-and-order type authority (William of Hallowford included) would consider anyone trying to do anything with it other than destroy it or return it to be somewhere on the same scale as rape and homicide.


Hm, maybe he’ll have a bit of sympathy if you tell him about how you were just trying to extort that bastard Berwick and he gave you a freaking signet ring! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we use it for illicit documents?