The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


Now I’m wondering what’s so special about the Valhi of Tharrabhad’s left testicle.


According to those well-versed in Nizami court gossip, he doesn’t have one.


Sounds like the beginnings of an epic quest to me.

Incidentally, someone please write a story titled “The Maltese Testicle”.

Also incidentally, and inspired by the discussion on the topic, could the MC be a PoC? I know their appearance is left ambiguous and all, but is it possible? I get the impression from names and such that the people in and around Kendrickstone are mostly white.


Absolutely. This actually got tweaked around to make it a bit less ambiguous in editing, but Kendrickstone is right on the border with Korilandis, and actually gets a significant amount of Korilandine immigration (Jocelyn Ironhewer, as you might have noticed, is descended from Korilandine immigrants, and Isan, obviously, is one). I ended up making clear that the locals’ prejudice towards Isan is more based on the fact that he’s a wizard (and logically, successor to a dude with a rather lax ethical code) than on the colour of his skin.

Kendrickstone itself is culturally Medieval England in the late 13th century, but that doesn’t mean everyone in it is white: the fact that the Concordat does have trade links with the rest of the continent, and the fact that I specifically leave ambiguous just how long your MC’s family has been in the Concordat basically all mean that your MC doesn’t by any means have to be caucasian.


4) This reply will make some of my MCs particulary intrigued.
6) How exactly do you do this? Do they tell you what should/shouldn’t be included or do you provide ideas and they decide if it’s good?
7a) Is Valhi a title or an office and what exactly does he do?
b) Will the MC find out the truth about his testicle?


I dunno if this has been asked before but is there romance in the game, I know you can try to find love but I haven’t been able to get a girl


I don’t think there is.


6: I send them an outline. They tell me what they might find mechanically or narrativistically problematic. I send back a revised outline, and so on. Ditto with the finished text.
7a: I derived it from the title Vali, which was what the Ottoman Empire titled its provincial governors. So yeah, it’s a title, and it puts him pretty high up on the food chain.
b: It’s just a throwaway joke… for now.

Not yet, but I plan to start introducing romances as further instalments proceed.



Found a bug. In Chapter Six guard_kill is set as true when you put the guards to sleep with magic. The result is that William thinks you killed them even though they’re still alive.


Fixed that up a bit.
Since that variable triggers when you knock guards out as well, I’ve changed William of Hallowford’s reaction.


Can a mage MC ever get the chance to start collecting magical artifacts.

(Im planning nuke armies)


A mage MC has already had the chance to start collecting magical artifacts.
“Vhat’s that book? Kill zhem all? GOOD IDEA!”


Oh yea…
The book of mad whispers…
I want more…

The book tells me to get moreeeeee…


Will the book have actual dialogue with our MC in future installments then? Because ancient magical artifacts probably remember where other ancient magical artifacts are, and could probably help a Neutral Evil Mage get to them.


I get the feeling that the book of mad whispers is only interested in helping you find an early grave.


Or infinite power that we could amass and claim Kendrickstone as our own personal fiefdom. We have broken the book to our will and could probably force it to share its knowledge if it doesn’t want to share it willingly. I also just played through as a Mage again, and dayum. We can be pyshcopathically evil. Coincidentally I also got “The ‘best’ solution” achievement.


The Book of Mad Whispers is more subtle than that.
Let’s just say that it would not be wise to always trust the narration.


@Cataphrak, I found a typo:

Your mistress nods, slowly, but her eyes do not meet yours. “Very well. In that case, I suppose there’s nothing we can do.” Is it just you, or his her voice a little harsher than usual? “I’ll give you a few days of rest, but you’ll be back to your normal routine at the end of the week. Understood?”

The location is if the MC lets Lord Berwick go for a cut of smuggling profits and fails the will + eloquence skill check.


Also, if the MC gets the razorclaw foreleg, Isan mentions he’ll reward the MC. My MC didn’t get a reward.


Can we get a chaotic neutral mc?
And can we get the book of mad whispers to work with us?


He says you’ll get a proper reward in time.
I’m totally not keeping that as a hook for future reference, nope.

Just because you’re of a certain disposition doesn’t mean the book won’t try to bend you to its will.