The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


I want stability. I want peace. I want love.
*set love_counter +1
*if love_counter = 3
*achieve romantic
*set renown +10
*set order %+10
*set loyalty %-5
*set compassion %+10
With things so unstable within the walls of the great city, you need someone to lean on, a source of emotional stability to help you through troubled times.

This happens if your mentor is Dame Mildred, and she approves if you try to find someone to have a serious relationship. I think the loyalty should be increased instead.

Just knock her out!
*set compassion %-10
You send her tumbling to the ground senseless with an armored fist.

I think it should be %+10 instead.


She may approve in hindsight, but at the moment, you’re still kinda sneaking off to do who-knows-what, who-knows-where.

Protip: beating someone unconscious, in the context of normal behaviour, is not considered compassionate.


The other option is to kill them, and the other options in that chapter to knock her off gives compassion, just in this one it gives Pragmatism.


I’ll take a look at it.


Are you kidding? I beat people unconscious all the time! It’s jolly good fun. :smile:


@Cataphrak I don’t know if this is the place to put this but when you completed the crime lord quest and choose the reputation boost my MC still have the same level of reputation


That might be because renown is tracked through an integer, but displayed through a qualitative description. The renown you got probably just wasn’t enough to push you to the next “threshold”.


Can someone tell me how to beat milius with Kendrick’s sword? I’m a former swuire turned associate of William with a sling and warrior ring


Fight to weaken him at least twice, three times if you want to be safe. If it says the bandits are getting close, be sure to fight them off. Then finish him.


So I’m a lawyer.

Well shite. Looks like my dad was right. I really should consider going to Law school.


is anyone having a problem at the end. i keep losing the sword or the tome after they let me keep the item. it turns my inventory into what i began with.


This was a problem in the earlier version of the game. I believe that the iOS and Android versions of the game have been updated, and I know that the version on the Choice of Games site has been updated, but Steam still has the old version. The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford isn’t yet out on Steam, so perhaps the updated version of The Hero of Kendrickstone will come out on Steam at the same time as its sequel. If you want to import a save to the sequel with Kendrick’s sword or the tome, you’ll need to play through the game again with the updated version.


…Does anyone have some sort of guide for getting all of the Achievements?


It doesn’t get you every achievement but this is a great guide to get started:


Something very strange just happened to me. I achieved all the achievements and then went to sleep. When I woke up all the achievements had been un-achieved. I even checked my phone’s logs to see if I had somehow sleep-uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I had not.

Is this intentional?


Do I need to min max stats to get a good ending/story out of this? I hope not.


In this one you don’t need to min/max in this game, because morality will give you the necessary boosts you will need.
But in the second you will need a decent build, because there is no morality. So either have at least 5 in two stats or have at least 7 in one stats.


8 prowess is possible, but only if you start off with 5 prowess, and start as Mildred’s servant, not squire. So, basically just be cheap at the inn, and let the bandits whoop up on you.


What is really unfornate about this whole story is that mages/wizards are extremely limited in their possibilities. If we choose an action of magic why not let us choose what magic we use along with it? I was thinking when my character had a cunning plan he good use some form of magic not be limited to charming or stealth cutting his way through the bandits on his way to get the stone. Or at least an option to “Rethink” your actions if you are going to be like that. Shit man, my character wouldve back tracked.


But he can.

Are you sure your will was high enough?