The Galactic Monarchy (WIP) [2017-02-18]

Hello, my name is Jacob and I am soon 35 years old. A part of you know a little ABOUT me. I sit in the wheelchair because I am born with a disability and I am a Chinese who lives in Sweden. Yes, I am a film nerd. But that is everything.

I just begin to make a game. My English is good, but I am bad in grammars and codes. I am slow because I don’t understand any codes in the COG. The game will be mixed of Star Wars and Stellaris. No, I won’t do any copies of Star Wars and Stellaris but I will make the own story… I never have played Stellaris, so I have seen the game on Youtube. Remember that I am bad in grammars!

The summary is:

You just focus on The Evil or Good Monarch of the galaxy. After Your Parents’ death, as the Crown Prince or Princess, You will replace Your Father or Mother. The Good Kingdom of the ----- world wants to contact the warm-blooded or cold-blooded aliens while the Evil Empire of the ----- world just wants to kill everyone and enslave. But what do You want to do? You will be the first galactic Heir of the Monarch.

MC:s background is:

MC will have an unlocked galactic background and be straight, but it doesn’t mean that she or he has to be straight. She or he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. There are any good dates for MC, or MC can adopt one child.

The list is:

  1. Light saber, light sword or laser sword. Like I wrote earlier, I won’t do any copies, but I just give one example. I still don’t decide over the name of the light saber, so I am open for the ideas. It can happen that I dislike the ideas. There are three different typical “light sabers” in the fictional worlds. Star Wars has a “future” light saber, Thundarr the Barbarian has a “magic” light saber, (it calls “Sunsword”.) and the third light saber is in my head, but I don’t remember where I have seen. If you know what I meant, then you will recall me! The high ranking soldiers just wear the light sabers.

  2. Other weapons. Bombs, guns and martial arts.

  3. Capital world or planet. How cold or warm is the capital world? Mixed cultures or same culture? Hard law or free law?

  4. Galactic background of the living beings. Humans or aliens? How do the humans live with the aliens? Do the aliens hate or love the humans? On the contrary, the humans hate or love the aliens? And how many humans or/and aliens are loyal to MC?

  5. MC:s behavior. Evil, good or both evil and good?

  6. Lastly MC:s love. Seek for love, secret or open? I am into only FF relationship, not into MM. No, I am not homophobic, so I know how it works in the homosexual relationship. FF is easy to write because I have not any fantasies about MM. Yes, I also am willing to try to write MM.

Now I am here to release the Demo

I need the feedback. No updates, no feedback.

If I miss more things in the list, then you will tell me. Thanks you for reading!


I think the best people to tell you if you or this act is homophobic are, in fact, gay men.

Also sounds to me like you may be fetishing lesbians, which may not cross over well into your game.

Are any trans binary or non-binary characters planned?


Is this going to be only ruling galaxy or there going to be other than that? Just asking

We all start out bad at code. The more you practice the better you’ll get at it though. When I first tried to code a game it was such a mess and I was so stressed out about it. I managed to do it though. (And if worst comes to the worst, then you can always try prototyping in Twine instead which is a lot easier to learn how to use.)

I’m very glad that you’re willing to try and write male/male relationships. I know this is something that some people struggle a lot with. So it’s good that you’re going to try.


I really got to ask because this part got me confused. What do you mean whan you say that you know how it work in an homosexual couple based on your lesbian fantasy? There really isnt any difference between the two kind of couples and erotic fantasy are not a good base to create a realistic couple at all.


?!? What do you mean by that, a person’s sexual orientation is not normally changeable, unless Kinsey was right (as I like to assume) and most people are some variation of bi to begin with. You can no more “cure” heterosexuality than you can cure gayness.
Now if you mean presumed “straight” because their late parents (forcibly) engaged the mc to someone of the opposite sex, well that tended to happen historically and it is one of the reasons I usually tend to dislike playing nobility in many games.

Well at least you’re willing to try, so I guess that means the mc is only presumed to be straight, due to either no previous sexual experience or a straight, opposite sex “engagement” at the beginning of the game.


Sorry, I mean that it is too hard to write MM because I can’t see the picture. But like I wrote, I am willing to try to write MM.

Oh yeah? You are right.

I don’t know if I can write so much.

Yes, it can happen that the aliens of the other galaxies exist or not.

I tested the Twine, but I don’t like it.

Thanks you!

Yes, I am willing to try!


Well,looking forward to try the demo then☺

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Its great that you’re willing to try at least. You will find that the COG community will alway be happy to help with this kind of stuff. Writing NB characters isnt really all that hard once someone take to time to explain.

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I don’t understand the *stat_chart.

How to write code?

The ‘*stat_chart’ command is used in the choicescript_stats.txt file when you want to show bars for the stats you have in your game.

So in my game, this is what it looks like in-game:

And this is the code for it:

	percent magic Magic
	percent battleskill Fighting
	percent animals Animals
	percent knowledge Knowledge

Of course you also have to have set those skill variables up in the startup.txt file by writing them in with ‘*create’ commands.

Can the mc be a alien the coldblooded or warm blooded

In this story are we going to be able to have our own children.

Yes, MC can be an alien with both cold blooded and/or warm-blooded.

Yes, you can get your own children.

The story sounds good and the sunsword I think is dark souls 2

I need the help! There is one problem with *stat_chart. Invalid create instruction, no value specified

How to remove the sh**?

You need to create the stat in the start-up file and the stat_chart in the stat_page file.

so as an example to create the stat called “Charisma” …

in startup you write: *create Charisma 0"

and in the stat_page you create the stat chart… the wiki will be a great source tool for examples.

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Gentlemen and ladies… The demo is delayed to release because I study and study about ChoiceScript until I know. And I test to play. Can @moderators close the post?