The Fallen (WIP) UPDATE:(08/10/2017)

Hey guys.
This is a trilogy is Filled with friendship, even the resilience to pain will all be tested,as well as intrigue, suspenseful humour, love, pain, action and twists that will leave you in a-maze of imagination.
This is about an heir who is suppose to take the throne of the empire of (Weazar Empire), the strongest and most influential kingdom in the whole of(Treieter).but as well there are more kingdoms that you have to face (Aetrosal Empire,Axobia Kingdom,Keosian kingdoms, Tribes of Grozia ). This is our first time so we are looking forward to your response.



The game is tagged with gender-choice but the description you give:

seems to indicate that it will be gender-locked to a male MC. So, which is it?
Or is my reading comprehension just bad?


Ugh! Another genderlocked male? Any way I can talk you out of that?


no sorry i my bad its not :sweat: let me change it


I’m going to be seriously working on mine real soon and it will be a female protagonist. I’m hoping I can make the character kind of like @jeantown did Guenevere. I really liked how that was done.


well i can’t give much info on the story but its going to be extreme

I prefer interactive game to be change gender then more people will play it

it is you are able to change gender

Looking forward for the demo.:slightly_smiling_face:

Can I ask what the conflict is in the story?

Woohoo, Another mediavel story.
So who is the protagonist the knight or the heir?
Good luck with the story though it looks interesting.

well it is about an heir who has to struggle in other to prove himself to get the throne but unfortunately gets betrayed and well lets say almost everyone wants to either kill you or take the throne from you

there’s a lot of action, intrigue in court

I like it

Medivial stories are my favourite so keep posting and make something super and is there magic or only deadly shows of swordsmanships ( not that I don’t like them )

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both are there :wink:

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If u added magic be sure to add necromancy to.cause that is the coolest kind of magic.

Necromancy eh. I like time and space magic more

Combine em a zombie astronaut.

Maybe a time travelling skeleton

Wait what’s space magic ?

Yeah skeletons that shoot arrows that travel in time and hit the target right away.