The Fallen (WIP) UPDATE:(08/10/2017)

Space magic is like dimensional magic - summon demons ,angels ,other worldy creatures , teleportation , and some other cool things

Now that im thinking about it it’s not such a bad lost heir u could combine your abilitis to become new things for example u could use your magic and stealth skills to become a dark magic user.and it was realy cool

there can be necromancy but no time travel :grin:

hey guys it would be great if you could provide some ideas for us :relaxed:

What kind of ideas are you looking for? Classes? Stats? Abilities?

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lets start with abilities so tell me what you have

It depends a lot on how big you’d want to make this. Maybe each class has one ability they excel in but can pursue more. For example, a Ranger would be really good at wilderness survival but would have to work pretty hard if they wanted to throw magic fireballs at their enemies. A Paladin can tank hits with no problem but would have to put a lot of work in if they wanted high agility.


Damn, so many medieval games out there. The idea looks nice, however, you should try to work on your punctuation and grammar(Not everyone is a native English speaker, so it’s fine), just so the story can be easier to read. What more can I say? I always play as a male, even though I have no problems playing as a gender-locked female. However, not everyone enjoys a game where your gender is locked. Best of luck! :smiley:


Are there going to be mythical creatures? Like Griffons? Cause if so, have the mc have one! I just played Total War Warhammer and it is so cool.

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There are a lot of medieval games out there so you really need to make this one stand out. It’s a good idea albeit one that has been done before.

Still, more medieval games are a good thing in my opinion. And yay! more court intrigue!


yeah u can have one of them as a pet

these are great ideas

we are currently putting enough effort in this

The story looks great but we can use magic? And if we can what types we can use?

yh but we are still listing out those but u can add as well and we can see

Maybe if the character has magic but does not have armor…he can use fire as armor, Fire envoloping his whole body. It would be really cool

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i’ve not thought of that thank :grin:

Haha! You are too funny,


Heeey. :grinning: the demo’s out.

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yh i’m just waiting for comments to see if the work is good :grinning:

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