The Exiles (WIP) - DEMO RELEASED! (Update 7/03)



Hello! I’m a new user and excited! I’m currently working on a post apocalyptic game. Years ago, a nuclear war occurred and mutated all the animals. The survivors have found a big bunker to live. The rules in the bunker are so cruel. Every crime, no matter how small, is punishable by banishing from the bunker. They believe all the exiles will die on Earth surface in a matter of time.

You will find out not everything is as it seems after you’re banished from the bunker too.

You can name your character, choose her/his gender, sexuality and personality.


Update 7/03/17

  • Stats screen is added.
  • Name/surname/gender choices are added.
  • Typos are fixed.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it


I look forward in playing the demo. :wink:

Looks at your profile pic. OH MY GOD ITS LEXA!


Yeah, I’m hardcore Lexa/Clexa fan! :smile:


A project like this looks promising and not only because I am a big fan of post-apocaliptic things.


This sounds good
Good luck


Looking forward to it :grin:

and if for any reason you couldn’t make the game, PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAASE write a book about it, I need to read this story in a way or other


You will read this story. I promise :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @Bilmirem I hope you enjoy every bit of your time spent here

Now to the topic -
Are there going to be rouges / bandits
Food scrounging
What are end possibilities I mean where does this lead what can we achieve ( revenge, information about apocalypse? )

And I love post apoclyptic games and would like to see where it will go


Thank you.

There’s no bandits or thieves in this story. Things will be more different than these. I don’t want to give spoilers. There will be 5 endings.


A out of the box post apoclyptic game

I am liking this game more and more


Will there be an option to tame the horrifying animals or bring vengeance/liberation to our bunker buddies?


Hmm, yeah, something like that :slight_smile: It depends on your choice.


Hey @Bilmirem! Hope you are enjoying the community and I wish you the best on this game! There are a bunch of games here that are intresting but lack anticipation but I’m already pumped to see this game in progress!
With that being said, consider me hooked.
Best wishes!


Sounds good are we going to be the very first to be banish then survive a bit


Nice, sounds like a great apocalyptic plot. I am wondering though, when it comes to our banishment will it be something you pick out or something you pose as a choice, so the ways to be banished are different?

Also will we get some background information about how the bunker was formed, it’s laws and leaders, etc.


No, you’re not the first one.


Actually, the real story begins after your banishment. But, the way you’re treating people in the bunker will effect the story.

And yes, you will get background information about the bunker


hello. this sounds fun! i’m always up for post-apocalyptic stuff :slight_smile:

some questions:

  • is this more of a survival game?
  • will we be able to meet unique mutated creatures?

also, have you heard of the fallout game series already? because this sounds very similar to it especially to fallout 3 (?).


Then you have just won a new fan for your game. Lexa rules!!! (And the fact that the actress is one of the most beautiful women walking this earth doesn’t hurt, does it? :rofl:).

In a post-apocaliptic story? Well, that is original. I am looking forward to see what comes out of it.