Exiled - Play as a wanderer, banished from their home

Exiled is the early alpha of a game I’ve been working on for several weeks alongside Dragonslayer. It’s a fully-thought out (I made 3 graphs, heh) idea that I think translates very well to game form. Each decision opens up a paragraph or so of text, and makes a small change. There isn’t much on any individual page, but when put together it flows nicely.

The demo can be played here, but be warned, it is unfinished and may crash:

I’m going to try and include a main objective of the game soon. It will become apparent from the start. I have a few ideas (mostly retrieve X artifacts from Y) but they all seem a little forced-story for my preference.

Race will be locked as a human, gender is currently set as male but I may alter this. This may change in the future.

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“He’s here! The traitor is here!” he screams. So is it gender locked?

@anon48296871 apparently yes, which is very strange. I hope this will be improved later.


  1. I found two errors: “line 566 bad label gnarlkilled” and “line 110 bad label exile”.
  2. How old is the MC supposed to be? He’s called “boy” once but some of the jobs like teacher or businessman sound very unusual for a young person.

I liked it can’t wait to see how it develops

I encountered an error.

Line 854: non-existent variable “energybending”

I like what you have so far… Keep it up

Like it so far. Can’t wait for more updates

Also, when I choose that I was a scribe, it says that my “nature” stat was boosted, but it stayed at 0.

@Ayzkalyn Looks really good…as the story progresses at a good pace and pretty nice concept too.Are you gonna update this alongside Dragonslayer?

I found it hard to balance stats but I liked it.

I liked it. Cool concept, and the way you keep reaching certain waypoints in the story but have slightly different bits of information at hand is neat.

One nitpick - the opening paragraph confused me. I wasn’t sure whose side the orc was on, whether he was chained to you or was your jailer, or what.


I found a typo.

"That is false," says the unwordly voice.

(I think you mean, “unworldly.”)

@Ayzkalyn is it it set in the same universe as Dragonslayer? And if yes, will there be any cameos/continuity nods?

@WulfyK, that’s a neat idea, but no. @Drini7 at the moment this has priority, although I’m updating them at the same. I have spent a lot of time making graphs (on Gliffy) of what I think looks good, rather than just inventing more as I go like dragonslayer.

@Samuel_H_Young I’ve never heard an unwordly voice!

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is Gnarl romanceable? :3 he seems cute!

You should meet my 6-month-old. :slight_smile:


@Xhandas_Antonidas That is a wonderful idea and is totally going in the game.


this is pretty cool so far.

Update. I’ve added a lot of content. Every chapter is going to be one day, to a total of 7.


Hey Azykalyn, i’m not sure how to fix it, but, i killed Gnarl, and i threw up the knife and the guy tossed down the keys etc, i headed to the spring and opened (Is that even a word?) the box, i got the rags, but then the game says i tossed a few of those to Gnarl, even though i bashed his skull in! Also, when the wolf tackles Gnarl (Same Playthrough) You have all the options, but, you also have the option to leave the wolf killing Gnarl and run, but i had killed Gnarl, so this is all really confusing!