After encountering technical problems with my last project, I have decided to start afresh. Apprentice follows the training and subsequent adventures of the apprentice of renowned Rentrun(a renegade that fights in the name of The Triad), Radon Temporum Jr. Whether it will be more of an interactive novel is currently unknown but I shall endevour to keep you posted.

Well, Interactive making choices is always fun! So like a magical apprentice? or like low fantasy(knights) apprentice? or am I completely off?

Magical apprentice but set in the near future (about 2-3 years).

I see. This sounds fun.

sounds cool
if you don’t mind me asking what type of character customization will their be? like race/gender ect.

The current character customization is Name, gender and elemental alignment. Some time in the future I will beta test this game and if the need for racial selection arises I will add.

alright cool :smiley:

Update on development:
Added death scene and images of Radon and Raven.

If you wish to see the images pre-release then send a request to:
Note: E-mail is for image request ONLY!!! I want no random messages.

cant wait

Apprentice is now ready for beta testing. It will be available just as soon as I get it online.

Note: The beta test is currently rather short and more of an interactive novel but the beta version is just so I can get people other than my self to test and give feedback.

cant wait i shall be the first to try it.

Here is link to beta test

All feedback to be posted here.

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Other than those errors I really like the opening and pictures a really nice touch. I’m thinking this could be a sucessful game.

I like it though I gotta say prophecy is really cliché

Errors should be fixed.

Also, if you wish to read the novel that goes with it, send an email to and I shall endeavour to send it to you.

Note: Novel is currently only five chapters long.

@Radontemporum Oh a novel too? Maybe you should publish the novel first so you can run the game under the COG label and get support for it. Btw I’d love to read what you’ve got.

the beta is awesome can’t wait for the next update xD

Update: Full version of the game is now under construction. The beta version will remain available and will be updated periodically up until the full release which shall hopefully be hosted on CoG as a hosted game.