sounds good, except how will you get the necessary feedback to help you with the rest of the game after the demo content?

Quite frankly, the fact that everyone so far has liked the game is enough positive feedback for me.

Line 133: Non-existent command “stat” (while hitting the dummy with a fire ability).
Nice game so far; I’ll replay once you fix this error.

Should be fixed.

I’m still getting the same error:
Line 133: Non-existent command ‘stat’.

Sounds like it should be *stat_chart, perhaps?

cool game

Friggin’ amazing…

stat bug fixed

Seems really interesting i cant wait till its done.

@Radon, Please continue this it has huge potential and its alot different from most Choice games, Which is always good so yah man keep the work up cause the Beta definitely made me want to see more from this project!

I realized alot of people either split their game into 3 categories, on the forum they either say its a Game/Story/or a Hybrid, and this one seems to have the strongest game Elements which is unique, and a really cool start for a story too.