The Dark Bloom


Hi everyone! I’m a new person, Savior2012.

Anyway, I just finished the intro of my first and newest game, The Dark Bloom.

It is the year 4000, and all is chaos. A humanoid civilization from another universe, the Taa, has just invaded Planet Earth. They decimated human population to a tiny sliver. The survivors escaped to Greenland. They have taken over Earth, and are greedily spoiling it.

You, the main character, are chosen to lead a quest. You must lead a team of 5 in total across half the world to Vanuatu, where the last Dark Bloom lay. The Dark Bloom, a magical plant full of great powers, is humanity’s last chance to get back the planet. It will be a dire quest, but it is humanity’s last quest.

So, how is the story so far? Any comments?

(And yes, Vanuatu is an island country in the pacific. Capital- Port Vila)


Sounds interesting! I wouldn’t mind playing this in the future


Why’s the plant magical and how did they hear about it?


And what does it do exactly? And why haven’t the aliens destroyed Greenland? And why is the plant the last one? Do the aliens try and destroy it? What will everyone else be doing while your off risking your life? How are you going to get there (fly, boat, swim(?))? How advanced is the Earth/Alien tech?



It’s been made that way. Basically, before the aliens came, fully functioning robots were finally created. Then, the spiritual side of the world (gods, myths) became true. They awoke from their slumber, and came down to Earth. With the other myths, the Dark bloom become real once more. Humans also had more than a millennium to understand the powers of the Dark Bloom.

WolfieGrey-lots of Questions.

  1. Basically, the Dark Bloom has extreme powers of nature. It grows like a normal plant, but when used, can bring nature back and can heal. It is basically the ultimate healer, and the humans need the Bloom so they can restore earth back to what it was. (It will also do more, not going to say)

  2. They aliens just needed to take over the planet. They didn’t kill the entire human population because they saw, after slaughtering most, that they now ruled the planet. So, they didn’t bother going to Greenland.

  3. The plant is the last one because of the Taa. They have killed most of nature. Almost all plants are extinct because of them, except for the last Dark Bloom.

  4. They do not know of the last Dark Bloom YET. (Not revealing anymore)

  5. It’s an expedition. The people back in Greenland will be hopefully wishing us luck, hoping for the best. Hoping we are not killed.

  6. We will travel by boat to the European mainland (France) Then, we will travel by foot across Eurasia to China’s west coast. From there, we will take a boat to some other Pacific islands, and will reach Vanuatu.

  7. Human technology has been decimated, practically. We still have some robots, and lots and lots of magic. The aliens have immense technology. They also have powers of possession and much more!


Will it be more sci fi or fantasy or a mix of the two? Are there survivors anywhere else (rebels or something)? Looks interesting. :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s more of a mix between the two. I’m not sure if I’ll do like a survivors thing. It seems too cliched.


This reminds me of that one game made by 5th Cell…


… Uh… Okay… Well, the initial premise sounded more like a ‘aliens invading Earth’ kind of theme but when you said that the gods and all of mythology came to life before it, I kind of went “whoa there”. That was kind of unexpected, to be honest. I’m also actually surprised that you didn’t put the whole mythology thing in your first post, since if all mythology DID come to life, then that would be kind of major, right?

Also, a few other questions.

Er… What do you mean by ‘fully functioning robots’, exactly? All the robots I can see currently are all fully functioning. How does mythology play into this, and if the gods have re-awakened, how will they impact the story? Won’t the aliens have a hard time dealing with the gods? Will the gods influence the quest, will they hinder it, or help them?


Hi there Saviour2012. Good luck with your game.

With so many planets in the universe why did the Taa pick earth?
Why did the Taa decimate the earth’s population?
Can humans and taa communicate with eachother?
If they flew all the way across the galaxy in order to kill all humans, why wouldn’t they then take the short trip to Greenland to finish the job?
Some people would say that the humans already spoiled the earth.
Are all the Taa evil?

I think with so little story it’s hard to judge so far.

What sort of theme are you going for?



here is my startup.

Please remember the Taa is not some green alien. It is a HUMANOID race, therefore meaning it is human, just from another universe.

But it is an alien. They invaded planet Earth to gain territory.

“Fully functioning robots” means robots that you see in the movies, which can walk,
talk, speak, perform complicated functions, etc.

The gods and robots will have a major impact on the story.

The Taa are very brutal and decimated the Earthlings as part of their invasion plan.

The Taa, after killing most the humans, saw they controlled Earth and didn’t bother to go to Greenland (that was their main goal after all).

I just gave a brief summary in my first post, sorry for that!


2060- People find the sun doesn’t blow up.

2500- Fully functioning robots appear

About 3000- Mythological Creatures and Gods appear

3000-4000- Everlasting Peace (Here, the Earth was restored and there was a milleium of peace)

4000- The Taa invasion

4000-Present Human refuge, the beginning of the “expedition”


What is it the rest of the planet has, that the Taa desire? You say territory, but that’s of instrumental value. Is it for fertile soil?


Well, the question is why did they invade Earth. Here’s why?

-Chaos (Don’t they love chaos)
-Out of Desire (They just wanted to go there)
-Evil (They saw the peace there and wanted to crush it)
-They wanted to become the strongest power that has ever been created

The nutrients of Earth meant nothing to them, so they crushed it and burned all the peace. They wanted to create another colony of suffering, pain, and torture.


I don’t see why the wouldn’t bother with Greenland. Why would the not conquer the whole planet instead of most of it?

Will the Taa kill the humans that leave Greenland? If so, after they first see the expedition why do they not go “screw this, lets kill them all”?

How will the expedition remain undetected?

The people staying behind “hoping for the best” seems kinda pointless. They wouldn’t know if you died one day, one month, one year after you set out. Would they send another team? Would they go “we haven’t heard from the team in a week. All hope is lost?”

Edit: “they saw the peace there and wanted to crush it” so why not go to Greenland to destroy the last remains of human peace?


Considering the five reasons presented, I see no reason why Greenland would be spared.


I can’t fathom how an alien species with that mindset would’ve developed the technology for space travel.


Does it need to be all of Greenland? Perhaps a pocket of humanity is hidden here. Hidden by the powers that be. Since the Taa look human then there is a chance they can travel unnoticed. Try to blend in as they travel. One miss step and that’s it. Sorry my two cents.


If they see the expedition, they will most likely have to fight the people on the expedition. They won’t go to Greenland because the people will most likely get the Dark Bloom and stop the Taa.

Eitherways, leave Greenland. That isn’t the point of the game. It is the quest.

Also, the Taa have already burned the peace of Greenland by killing the planet.

Greenland isn’t really “spared”. The Taa kind of forgot about it, getting very happy with the land they’ve gotten.

Also, if the Taa keeps Greenland, they will love to see the mourn and sadness of the people there (they want to burn peace).

(With what lordirishdas said, he’s kind of right. There’s only about 4,000 humans living there, with almost 100 billion (yes, 100 billion in 4000) being killed.

So, overall, how is the MAIN plot?


They forgot Greenland, or they wanted survivors left for some strange sense of shadenfreude? Which is it? Points like this are needed for a believable setting.

And I’m not sure the people of Greenland would be mourning. I mean, the people there would have no shocking memories, and the prevailing emotion would be one of nostalgia for those elsewhere, combined with a spirit of bold curiosity for the uncertain future!


But they lost their planet!! Many people would want to be on their normal homes, surrounded by trees, and other wildlife, not on a cold iceberg!! (no offense to Greenland)

Okay. The Taa wanted the survivors for the shadenfreude. The cruel monsters really enjoyed the survivor’s pain and sorrow, and wanted to keep SOME earthlings alive.