The crown - WIP UPDATED- 18th of March 2023

I just chose king yet my orientation is immediately female?

First I am very much looking forward to this project of yours, good luck and i hope for the best
2nd I can’t wait (if you choose to implement these) to kill my half sister and stepmother, as king I’m willing to do anything to let’s say surpass this obstacles
Keep up the good
(Sorry if my English is bad, it’s really not my first language)

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is this still being worked on?

Unfortunately no. Due to studies/job, I am unable to continue working on this. However, I hope someone can use my initial concept and adapt it to create something similar.


That is unfortunate to hear, I wish you the best in your studies/job.

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UPDATE - So I have decided to work on this again. But, unlike previously, I have decided to create a limited scope for the initial game, given that there is too much that I can add, and it would be impossible to add everything. Especially considering that this is my first game.

I will include a menu-like system that will allow individuals to decide how they want to spend their time, and that will include a list of options, which will keep updating as the game progresses and the user learns new info. (The demo has been updated with a limited version of this, only the first option works for now). I will try to update the game more regularly.

Like always, feel free to share your thoughts.


Thank you so much for coming back. I will send detailed feedback later.

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Interacting with the leader of the opposition party was a great addition that made me feel like I was king and running the country. I’m looking forward to adding interaction with other people.

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Nice to see you continuing the wip, I remember after first reading it I kept checking to see if it would be updated. This is really good news. Thank you


Cool, i havent seen many WIPs where u are a monarch. Hope u continue updating. Good luck😄

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Sounds interesting, especially if we have options to ‘legitimize’ those, maybe if we get approval from our actual spouse / spouses.

And yeah, don’t get too ambitious and burn yourself out, it would be a shame.


Will the MC make reforms with the insight as a enlisted soldier as a background
Will we be able to use MC popularity among the masses to convince major business to accept the new law for more taxes on corporation as guarantee to have highly educated and skill worker for there companies like Germany where company sponcer school to get first pick at the workers

The MC won’t have much power and would be expected to act as a figurehead. But they can obviously ignore convention and see what happens. As for the background of the MC, it will play a role in their interactions with other individuals (especially with the military).

When looking at specific bills, the MC will be confronted by a few bills, and their reaction to them will have consequences (I don’t plan to integrate a bill similar to the one you have described though).

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Im a fan so far!

If MC is only a figurehead with only limited power and mostly relies on popularity of the crown .why do MC step mother and sister want the crown so baddely. As strengtheng the crown will bring with it international ramification MC is only king because his limited power in constructional monarchy and a very cuning dad as strengtheng the crown will result in long term revolution

I don’t see why. If the country does well, the economy does well and people have food they are extremely unlikely to ever revolt, regardless of their type of government.

Was there a clear depiction of the stepmother and sister wanting the crown in the first place? It could be a feud for more personal reasons or misdirection in storytelling.

One question, this is an interesting game and the truth is that monarchies are something I really like, I have a question, as kings, will we face challenges during our reign? (At least in the political and professional approach as an economic crisis or a war of our Kingdom with another country)

With such a context, will the MC face the possible conspiracy of our half-sister to overthrow us and gain power?

Our country’s war, could it give the MC more power as a Monarch? (Because there are many laws that contemplate a serious crisis such as a war so that there is a possibility that the King or other ministers take extraordinary powers and with this peacetime laws have to be suppressed but that may represent a danger to fulfill a purpose of State as it is to win a war or safeguard the State headed by us the MC King or Queen)

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Yes, the MC will face challenges, both political and non-political.

The idea about the possibility of war giving the MC power sounds intriguing, I may explore that a bit, and maybe the MC could intentionally try to start a war


I’m sure it will come up in later games, but what are the specifics and power of my country? (For example, population, economic strength, technological strength, educational level, military strength, etc.)

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