The Chronicles of Hallarmuli (REVISED)


The issue is fixed. Please feel free to continue to the end!


Really enjoying the story so far, looking forward to reading more! :D… you gotta love Vikings after all XD.


I noticed that if you choose the,“Yes, my actions show that i am a good man” option, you actually become more evil (and vice versa with the ‘immoral’ option).


Oh! Thanks for pointing that out. Do you remember which prologue you chose, 1 2 or 3 so I can change in that file <3


Well, if you would do me the honor I came up for a present tense version, and I like it better. I will put the link below the first. They are different names so you will be able to tell. Let me know which one you like. I’ll be editing it it ofc and making it flow better, but I don’t want to put in the work unless people like it ya’know.


Prologue? I must have missed something, because I don’t know what you mean :sweat:


Oh! xD So how I set it up is this is the Prologue right now. What you read is the Prologue. My files are labeled prologue one = throwing up, Prologue 2=stare Prologue 3= ignore your guilt… <3 sorry I didn’t make it clear.


Ah, okay :slight_smile: I chose the throwing up one. I probably should have been able to work it out myself anyway, so that’s all right.


Hey ya’ll. Full Prologue up. Enjoy!!

  • Is you father alive? Who even attacked the monastery?
    is your father
  • You are his older sibling, you must protect him.
    i choose sister
  • Edit:also:
    The next thing your know, a voice is calling to you, rough hands trying to shake you from your stupor. It is your sister
    i choose brother
  • He jolts back, blinking in suprise as an angry red line appears on hi face.
    his face
  • Your dagger i knocked from you had and his sword buries itself in your arm
    dagger is knocked
  • Dead beady eyes who stair blankly into the air.
    who stare blankly

And for the story it self,this make me can’t wait for what fate has stored for mc and mc brother/sister😃

Thought maybe it’s better you add something at topic about the content :sweat_smile:


I love the story so far and it seems very interesting from your description, but I don’t understand why you create so many scenes.

Instead of having 10 different scenes for every name and sibling combination, you could use $!{Name} and a sibling variable to do it in just one. Otherwise, it will become very difficult to look your code over and fix bugs.


Love it so far! Looking forward to seeing more. :3


Actually I only started having issues when I made it smaller, mostly just little things lost within the text or a space here or there that would get out of hand. Ok the end I just wrote everything back in by hand instead of copying and pasting it, so it was fine.

I could only make one name scene and honestly I probably will end up doing that. Most of the scenes are just for me to keep track of what is what.

Thanks, I hope enjoy the next update, should have it done around early to mid Feb.


Thanks for pointing those out! I knew there were some, I was just too tired to go looking for them last night.
This makes my life much easier!

Hope you enjoy the next installment in Feb :3


Ty! I look forward to writing it!


Super engaging + interesting. I can’t wait to see where you go with this :slight_smile:

Minor errors – I choose to have a brother, but it says that my sister screamed my name. And also, even though I choose to be a girl, one of the slavers says ‘That man there belongs to me now’ (which is reference to me, I’m guessing?)


Aha! I knew I missed one of those. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll search for those. The MC was originally strictly male at one point so that’s why it says that. It has evolved greatly from there. I hope you will continue to enjoy till the next installment!


I got confused for a second there.

I was like “This seems familiar, but it can’t be. I remember this was different, so it must be another similar game.”

Then I scrolled up and dug deeper and it is indeed what I thought it was.

The last time I saw a prologue change that much was when that one WIP about “freaks” and a circus was updating. I forgot the name.

Anyway, I hope I can get a little revenge on dear old dad. Even pranking him would suffice.


Whehehehe well, something happens to him let’s say you learn that, no deal was made :smiling_imp:


Karma is a *beach. :yum: