The Chosen Guard (Undergoing revisions)

Hello. I’ve been playing the wonderful games onCoG for a while now, so I think it now my turn to put out something here. Now without further ado…here is the idea:

Once there was nothing, then there was the Creator. They shaped the world–intentionally or not– into how it is in the present day (of the story of course). Though their greatest creation was humanity. The Original Ones were able to do magnificent things, such as manipulate the elements, create armies from the dead, obliterate an entire continent without no effort, and destroy the very delicate fabric of space and time. The Creator decided to split up the Original Ones and scatter them all over. With two new Creations to help them govern this world, the Creator and his Creations repressed the gifts, so only a select few were able to pass these wonders on to their heirs.

Eventually, the Creations, representing two extremes, began to fight. At first it was bickering, but eventually a full scale War ensued. The Creator had no choice, but to use all their energy, might, and magic to stop the war and they banished their own Creations to live amongst their mortal kin. Now, a new Divine Creation has emerged, a half-mortal and half-Divine, a secret weapon…A Chosen Guard.

Basic elemental magic is genetic (this form of magic is a “sign” of greatness ) and Deity specific magic are gained through being accepted into the respective Cult or given as a blessing of one of the Deities.

Also, this might take a while for I am now in school. So one may assume I will only continue the process in my spare time.


Acolytes of the Creator: Can manipulate the fabric of Space/Time for travel, see the past, and all possible futures

Warriors of Chaos: Can heal wounds and create weapons/armor out of any materials

Order of Scholars: Can use ritualistic curses, old incantations, and complex potions

Characters so Far:

Librogia/ The Creator:

  • Has no preference in form (They/Them pronouns)

  • Represents: Diplomacy

  • Favors: Equity

  • Reputation: Dichotomous Creator

  • Magic Type: Manipulation

Cogniorda/The Scholar (Potential Birth Parent):

  • Prefers Feminine Form (She/Her pronouns)

  • Represents: Order

  • Favors: Compassion

  • Reputation: Nurturing Scholar

  • Magic type: Destruction

Chaobitur/The Warrior (Potential Birth Parent):

  • Prefers Masculine Form (He/Him pronouns)

  • Represents: Chaos

  • Favors: Loyalty

  • Reputation: Brutal Warrior

  • Magic type: Creation

MC/ The Guard:

  • Pronouns up to you

  • Demigod, for lack of a better term. Parent depends on you!

  • Magic Type: Depends on the route you take :wink:


29 August 2017: Prologue being written. First Chapter planned out.

31 August 2017: Rethinking names and how much character customization should be allowed. Prologue 70% written.

1 August 2017: Better Summary w/ some much needed background info. Prologue 75% done, some name revisions on names (i.e NOT using ANCIENT LATIN/GREEK like everyone else ), clear direction of Fourth Route…but other Three Routes still need a lot of work.

3 September 2017: The Incident (1/2 of Prologue) is now fully written and coded. Soon to be placed on Dashingdon.

4 September 2017: Dashingdon Link UP AND FUNCTIONAL

7 September 2017:The story writing got really confusing and unnecessary, so gotta get rid of some stuff Dashingdon Link…no longer up. Was revising code and stuff happened. So…Gotta recode the thing again. Also…WHY IS CODING SO HARD!!!


Will the “guard” meet Chaobitur, and Cogniorda, and what type of magic in game is there elemental
Or what?


so will the rebellious teen that I am be able to rebel mummy/daddy dearest

The prophecy I have written is vague enough to have a path where the MC takes matters into their own hands. I just need to find a way to have it make sense within the story.

Looks good so far! Looking forward to the prologue!

:grin: When you realise chaobitur has chaos in it and cogniorda has order in it

This really sounds like saga of the north wind and the name of chaos god is quite similar to name of the chaos god in it.

Well it’s a new thing as mostly chaos is given the power of destruction and order the power of creation ( yes I can finally use destructive magic while being good :triumph: )


Chaos in magical form? Sounds fascinating!

Little did you know that order is making everyone slaves :blush:


Maybe have the MC adopted by the 3rd god? Then have the parent as a friend they meet later?

:scream_cat: No that can’t be true. I know of no such thing It was Sarcasm if you had problem figuring it out

image I like it when chaos is good but I also dislike creation… unless I can create an explosion… or a black hole.image


I think I’d stick with order, since knowledge and desire are under there. Though that compassion… gonna be hard. Does God accept disorders as an excuse :blush:

Though Chaos has loyalty which is an even bigger weakness.

I kinda want more of a threat so I’d vote everyone has dormant potential or genetics.


:joy: I think that would definitely come under destruction

Yep I think that’s one of the reason I would be going for a order path in a play through but chaos for my first one. Why ? loyalty

I like doing whatever’s fun so being able to change my mind is something that is very important to me. Though fairness will also be bad, I have favorites. Everyone else will be fair though…

Well I think if you were chaos first then became order you might be able to make it out good but if you were order and try to go under chaos it could create complications as he like loyalty and you just proved ( by leaving your god ) that you aren’t loyal

Lol :joy:

Will have to ask @FelxBelt about it

Well it is a parent. Maybe Cogniorda is nicer since she’s compassionate… or maybe I just won’t get tortured…

Librodiga isn’t really getting any points from me. Unless they give us power.

I must find the nature of the gods!

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Well I will definitely be going for chaos in starting for destructive powers then change to librodiga for those space time alteration powers

BTW @FelxBelt will our powers stay even after we join librodiga or we will lose them

Since we’re demigods… I’m hopng we may be stuck with them…

Getting struck with destructive powers and having time space alteration powers doesn’t sound bad

I kinda want that specific route to be done differently. The option of being adopted by the 3rd god is part of the plan, but I am thinking of WHEN is the perfect time to do so.