The Book of Alia - Lucifers Dog (WIP) a medieval tale of kings and queens / Demo link in OP

That’s a bit peculiar, it might just be a capitalization in the code for pronouns which then alters to another RO, i think I’ve fixed it though

Nope, it happened the same as before. I think this is becuase there isn´t any part where Gwen is set as love interest from what i saw in the code and then the game assumes always josef as the MC love interest. (im bad at coding im sorry if im wrong)

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Try once more, i’ve altered a little bit of code to hopfully solve it, if not ill have to re-code a part of it and jump to another label to prevent a mis match of information.

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Yeah is working now. Thx!

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Great stuff, :slight_smile:

So yeah i think there is another bug, but is the same type of the other one:

I think it should be gwen talking to us and not josef
But anyway i’m loving this game is quite interesting and i’m definitely looking forward for updates…

I think i have solved that now

it was defaulting to send you to that scene without having unlocked the RO with Gwen, But if you have unlocked Gwen as a potential RO, i.e gone dancing with her - it should send you to a different version of text.

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Still the same for me…

Does anyone else have the problem where you tap next and nothing happens? The buttons don’t register taps, etc. it seems to happen in random screens too.

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Fixxed im 99.9% sure of it :wink:

the battle of mountain pass has been sneaked into the live version too, not sure how that happened but you’re welcome to read it.


Grammar Guy reporting in.

Should I do a sweep?

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hey author just wanted to put this out if you want to improve your knowledge on how to make a medieval inspired game fantasy or not you should read the great tournament and lords of aswick one just to get a general idea of what a story like this could and could you give the MC some flaws so as not to make him a mary sue i just feel that a character with flas make him more human and makes the story more immersive because a lot of cog games (not pointing fingers here) seem to suffer from this trope


oh and one more thing
and this

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I have been following this game when you started it. It’s a really good plot so far.

It’s against the rules to ask for an update/about an update, please edit your post or it will be flagged

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Dont worry all, I’ve not fallen off a cliff or anything, I’m still busy typing away, the next update will be about as big as the current live version if not bigger so these things take time :wink:


Honestly dude, the title of the book sounds ridiculous :joy:

Update day, just a little tidy up and a scene added, im trying to filter some of the newer text and add it in gradually too.

my eyes are a little square at the minute though so please bear with me for any bugs :wink:

enjoy :slight_smile:


@Kenneth_McGrew that’s amazing! Lol


The chapter end when reply’s army comes, right?

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