The Axena (WIP) - Small update 7/12/2017

Axena is a small planet which hasn’t been discovered yet. The people in that planet are called Axenians and their number one priority is protect Earth from outside danger. But when they realize that the human race is the only danger, they send their 5 best soldiers with different super powers to the Earth.

You’re one of them.

There are only three rules for you:

  1. Protect humanity at all costs.
  2. Don’t reveal yourselves to anyone.
  3. Don’t fall in love with a human.

Your friends and their powers:
Aphra (Axenian) - Telepathy power.
Jennet (Axenian) - Healing power.
Theon (Axenian) - Superspeed power.
Stanley (Axenian) - Flying power.

Your power options:

  • Invisibility
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis

Chapter 1 (45%)
Stats screen (95%)


I am a rule breaker for this game - rule 3 stands no chance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW what will be our superpower and what kind of problems we are going to solve and how ?


I’m sure everyone will break rule 3 :smiley:


You will choose your power. It’s like a super hero story. Protecting people from bad guys…

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Okay then.

P.S. - put some description of main characters and a bit details about you game in first post to get some valuable feedback and good questions.

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I’ll probably break rule one. Maybe rule three if there’s no fun girl on the team.

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You are supposed to break rule one - that dark in your username has some meaning after all



[quote=“MURADOVA, post:4, topic:28631”]
You will choose your power.
[/quote]What are our options?

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: you sure you want to make that your pic your representation.

And why does axenians want to save Humans


Because they know their planet will not last long. They will have to live in Earth someday.

So, yeah, they are also doing this for themselves.

Oh but why don’t they do the - kill all humans and live there like we own that planet - thing


I’m a Dark Souls fan, I did the dark lord ending. That is my entire reason for my name, my pic just went along with the name.

[quote=“MURADOVA, post:10, topic:28631”]
Because they know their planet will not last long. They will have to live in Earth someday.
[/quote]That doesn’t explain protecting humanity unless we have better technology… and why rule three then?

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They need servants…

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Are there politics in the story?

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This game has a lot of potential, count with me!

But in the game we can choose our powers or we will have One determined?

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The setting look a bit too vague to pronounce myself now but I’m interested. I’ve made, some question and would be happy if you took time to answer them :grinning:

Even tough you will probably answer most of them during chapter 1, or some will be answered latter while we progress in the plot.


I wonder, when will we arrive on Earth ? On the modern era ? Medieval ? At the start of the industrial revolution ? Slightly in the futur ? Prehistory maybe ? And how long would the game cover ? A few years ? A decade ? A century ? Almost all of human history (and we’re the reason for mythology and the idea of magic) ?

And how are the Axenian physically ? Are they human looking or do they have a slightly more alien physiology (like Asari) but still in the realm of humanoid ? Do they look totally different from a human like the Hanari in Mass Effect ?

How much do the 5 soldiers have knowledge of humanity and what kind ? Do they know a lot about the scholar part of humanity but are lacking knowledge of everyday life and normal comportement ? The reverse ? Or a healthy balance of both ?

Does the 5 soldiers start at the same place and act as a group or they’re scattered across the world ? Do they even know each other ?

And my question for the rules. First of all, which is the most important one ? The first or the second ? Because I see how the both of them can easily clash.

The first rule : To what scale must we protect humanity ?
-Totally, avoid every casualties possible.
-Stop the event that would create lots of casualty but if one or two human go squick, it’s ok.
-Just make sure that the species is not at risk of infection. If only one or two million is left you’re still in your quota.

Second rule : What exactly must we not reveal ?
-The fact that we are an alien ?
-The fact that we have superpower ?
-Or both ?

And will it be a story where our protagonist struggle to reach at least a bittersweet ending, his morality and loyalty constanty tested as he advance unsure of himself ? Or will it be lighter story, an adventure full of danger where we will fight with all of our Might but and happy ending ?

Or in this universe, the future is bleak and hope is a meaningless word ? It’s kill or be killed, and the only one on who you can count is yourself ? Would the human even accept to cohabit with axenian ? And do the latter see the former as nothing more than future slave ?

And I’m sure that creating a cover by marrying a human, taking care of them and having offspring with them pretty much don’t break rule 3. For the sake of the mission and rule 2. Don’t thank me, I’m only doing my duty. Now to find a gift for them…

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We all know this rule bound to broken

And by the way, how axenians people know that humanity in dangerous? And why would axenians want to protect humanity when they eventually going to take earth?

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Uh what??? If humans are only danger then it should be "Destroy Humanity at all costs…

Other than that it looks COOOL


Sounds interesting, I can’t wait to break Rule three.


Interesting. Clear rule breaker angle. Forbidden love angle. I’m in.