The Aether: Life as a God Feedback

Hello mortals,

It has been one year this week since I released my first title, The Aether: Life as a God! I am so overjoyed that it got such good reviews and I hope you all enjoyed! I know the overwhelming complaint was that it seemed rather short, which I will not argue against. I tried a few different mechanics like randomized events and made a lot of changes during development by adding new variables and paths, but even then it wasn’t enough to delay those speed readers! I am back because I would like some feedback regarding the ‘Power’ mechanic from those of you that played the game.

I personally enjoyed developing the ‘Power’ system in which the player gained ‘Power’ throughout the game from investments, quests, and kills. It was then used kind of like a currency to spend on various things like player lives, event boosts, and spells. I also added a pseudo-randomization when awarding and spending ‘Power’ as an attempt to make expenditures a bit more immersive. Remember those options: “Great Power”, “Momentous Power” yata, yata? Giving the player an idea of how much energy that action would cost, without making them feel too comfortable spending it.

How did you feel about this system overall? What about the ambiguity of “Momentous Power”? Was that fun or annoying? Also, please share any ideas you have that you feel like could be an improvement!

If I come up with any more questions I will post them here.

Thanks all!


Loved the game, was actually one of the first hosted games I bought, the other being ‘a day off work’. It was a cool game the only thing that kinda bugged me was if I wanted my creatures to walk on four legs and move things with there mouth… how would they make city’s? How would they have war? How would they go to space? What I’m getting at is a lot of the scenes seem like there meant for huminoid creatures, not four legged, or other types of creatures… and the fact that you can literally teach them nothing and they still advance… so I could just save my power and be op later in the story… so yea… overall was a fun concept and had great time playing it.