That time I got hit by a bus and reincarnated in another world but I'm supposed to be the hero

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the narrator is pretty annoying, I wish there were options to tell them off. But I’m like a vegetable - just taking the insults, so frustrating!

Are you referring to ludociel? Or the NOTICE voice? My vision concerning the voice is: ludociel gives you a notice regarding changes concerning you or your immediate environment, it’s supposed to act like a version of Jarvis from iron man and I I fully plan on allowing the player to have conversation. If you’re referring to the bit at the start where the narrator makes fun of you that’s just for that segment and you won’t encounter it again :joy:


why is it keep give me GAME OVER for every choice i choose when i click next chapter it keep loading

well considering that the author probably didn’t touch this for a month as the thread just reopened could assume that’s the end of the demo


Is their a new update or did you just see the thread was closed?

Both, I am planning on releasing something soon, and I wanted to check this thread because I had been focusing on shinobi tale, then realised it was locked


Ah alright

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just keep dying no matter what option i take

end of demo, the author was focusing on their other wip and noticed this thread was closed(scroll up)

Wow does this have potential. I’ve always wanted a isekai power fantasy and this could be it. Hopefully you lean fully into the OP son of God angle. Would be dope to be a anime isekai protag that’s unnecessarily OP.

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Always wanted an Isekai IF


Hi people, I had been focusing on shinobi tale for a while, and while I wanted to come back to this I found myself in two minds and I’ll need your opinions on it
I have drastic plans for the way the story unfolds
1.) It will be a solo isekai adventure, and you can meet companions, form a party, join a guild, and whatnot
2.) It will play out like overlord, you have disciples who are op but they are scattered out in the world and you’ll have to find them, recruit them and start your own empire Kingdom…
3.) A mix of both above, but this will be a longer story and
4.) Any suggestions for what you think?


I say a mix of both, it will make it a very unique Isekai IF

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I say a mix of both

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Dont mix the two the solo is the better option if done correctly and the overlord one cool but who are these disciples how do we know them how they came to be and this establish MC have been in to this is pretty long enough to have Op disables so no I like a blind adventure option and also can it be a dark fantasy like Karate Survivor in Another World manwa where everybody is looking out for themselves there is some good people but the majority populated by scumbags and the monsters are extremely dangerous and leveling up is extremely hard and nobility and royal have an extremely big advantage because of resources but these are suggestions it’s your story and you are free to do with it whatever you want

A mix of both would be the most unique.

I’ve never watched overlord(recommend?) But what you described sounds interesting.

It Makes the MC seem VERY powerful if he’s able to recruit these OP disciples.

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Overlord was my first isekai anime and I definitely recommend, it’s like the ultimate power fantasy :joy:, that aside, yh it’s just an idea I’m toying around with, you can end up with a weak MC surrounded by crazy strong disciples who thinks you’re a god or you can actually be op and basically become a god to said disciples


I’ll check it out then! Being either weak or powerful as a choice works great for everybody.

You’ll have something for people who want a weaker MC and something for people like me who wanna be a walking god along mortals lmfao.

The idea sounds super good.