That time I got hit by a bus and reincarnated in another world but I'm supposed to be the hero

Pls what about Shinobi tale then i really had hopes for it

I’ve cut out the part where you go on rampage. I now have a better idea and understanding of how certain scenes and code can be used and played out. So I’m still writing the playground part and the next scene after that is basically world building before I have chin exams planned

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Idk if it’s a bug but I can’t get past the element selection. And is it possible to select more than one element?

That’s the end. This little half of character creation is all there is to play.

This cracked me up bruh


Is you also going to add big h… To with lots of … It common in this type of stroy i see more than37 anime and 65+ manga this type best of luck lol and I wait for next update :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I think because the long name is easy to remember, not exactly the name but the long title

The successor of Truck Kun known as the Bus Kun strikes yet again!

well waiting for the next update!

What happened to car kun?

He is on a vacation enjoying the beach and drunk on petrol

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And what about god kun?

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Sorry guys I haven’t really updated much, I’m in a bit of a pinch as my laptop is broken ( don’t worry I’ve backed everything onto an external storage so nothing lost) I need to get another one but being 18 I’m not really planning on spending £1k+ at the moment before university :person_facepalming: so essentially I am suspending both this project and shinobi tale…wip until September ( it might likely be before that but that’s the latest I can go before getting a system that doesn’t freeze every 5 mins) but don’t worry I don’t plan on abandoning either project and I have actually been writing the story, lore plots and ideas :+1:


alas i have now returned with a new system and will continue work on both projects and will look for more updates


Welcome back

Looking forward to this one


I’ve read alot of choice stories since then and manga so my creativity for this is swelling. I’m not updating it for a while tho so I don’t get influenced away from my attention.


Does this take place on earth? Or by Greenland you mean a grassy field?

Also this pops up when switching back and forth between the thread and demo. Not sure if it is a bug or not.

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When I release my next update I’ll check myself if it’s still an issue but for the cure version you’re playing there isn’t anything after that quite literally, all the work I’ve done since then is still in development I should probably release an update by December maybe on my birthday :sweat_smile: it should be quite substantial

-re edits-oops not december yet that’s way later on in the year. :sweat_smile: