That time I got hit by a bus and reincarnated in another world but I'm supposed to be the hero

I’ve begun work on my new game “That time I got hit by a bus and reincarnated in another world but I’m supposed to be the hero”. In it, you play an isekaid hero who loses his life to truck kun and must start over again in the new world to discover himself to…

this is my second project along with a shinobi tale. i want to write this story using specifically all the knowledge i have acquired so far and see how far i can go. as usual, any feedback is welcome

To play the demo, go here:


Yes, it’s still very short and there are some bugs, but I’m trying to push out of my comfort zone and relieve some burnout, any ideas, suggestions, I’m all ears


The element selection choices are buggy. I was under the impression I had to spend exp to get them but they are free. Also it’s a bit confusing to figure out what element we brought. Could u remove the ones we buy permanently so it’s easier to understand since they just pop up again after I get another


Yup, :+1: I haven’t finished the next part after that that’s why. But I will


It’s rough around the edges, which is normal for a starting wip, but it’s got potential; we shall watch your career with great interest


Oh hell nah i though i was reading that goffy ah manga again smh smh. what with the name by the ways? I mean the name remind me of isekai or reincarnated manga that i read. Nah even the games is more goffy ah :skull: 10/10 :+1:


Okay, I’ve never left a comment for a forum post in my life but here I go. It shouldn’t take that long to get into the game. Having character creation is fine but all the other stuff should be able to be skipped.

There are quite a few spelling mistakes and when I choose an element to control, it would be good if you gave a short summary or explanation on that element.

I think this post has potential but maybe change the name of the forum post to something like… “Another Overpowered Isekai WIP”

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Piggybacking this point to tell you that yes, you should, and kinda need to change the name. The name works for a WIP, but if you look to get it published in the future, there’s a certain character limit for the titles of published works. Off the top of my head, i believe it was 30, but don’t quote me on that.


The character limit is 31, including spaces. I was going to mention this too.


isekaii lessssgooooo


I’ve never been a fan of those web novels or web comics with titles that are essentially a plot summary. So irrespective of character limit, I’d suggest shortening the title.


actually the part were it asks you to pick a element{well all of them since it gives you that option well since character is overpowered i guess that’s to be expected} once you have done that the loading screen gets struck and it wont load the next section it just repeating the loading process guess just have wait for next update when the stuff is fixed.