That time I got hit by a bus and reincarnated in another world but I'm supposed to be the hero

Do as you like

But for me personally I’d like an Overlord/Slime-esque isekai


My character keeps dying in the first battle of the demo

Anyone knows how to fix this


1…not a fan of overlord

Might be a little late but since the majority of people seem to want mix you could make it so when you level up your rewarded with either a power or a disciple or the easier way to do that would be if you reach a certain level you can pick a disciple
(being they would have to have a story impact in my opinion so it would be kinda hard to do if they can have all of them by a story point so their would have to be a lot of special dialogue options and or extra dialogue)
That way you wouldn’t have to redo the start and this is assuming you won’t reach at max 10 levels but around a hundread


both is very good

As a big fan of Overlord, I’d personally be thrilled to see something similar, where you build your own empire with powerful scattered disciples or followers. I generally prefer games with a more serious tone that allows for deeper connection with the story, so that approach resonates strongly with me.

Ultimately, though, the decision is yours. I firmly believe that creators who are passionate about their projects create the best work. So, choose the direction that excites you the most.


It’s bugged, always at the end of the chapter I die in the goblin fight

Bear with me, I’m working something out storywise


Thanks I wondered what happened there especially with massive power gap since that’s just a tutorial battle to try things


Yh I wrote myself into a corner and was too much of a coward to come back to it :sob::sob: but I’m writing the actual story tho, i just need to figure how to actually code it


I’m stuck It couldn’t load the next page

End of demo

A mix of both it has a very big the potential
And it will be a new experience and a new unique