Tavern Tales (Small/fun?)

Hi all,

I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while. Ultimately it’s getting pretty complex, so I’m looking for a way to simplify, but if you would like to check it out, the link’s below.

In Tavern Tales you play the Tavernkeeper–a Quest-Giver in a satirical RPG-style world, where you have more power than you might think. It’s kind of a reverse RPG.

Design your tavern. Choose your strengths. Will you lead “heroes” to their deaths, or attempt to level them up and give them fame and fortune? Gather gossip or spread disinformation? Become a gambling house or a brothel? Uphold your reputation as one of the best luxury taverns in the world, or embrace your bar’s divey-ness?

I haven’t gotten to any parts involving “Heroes” yet, just tavern creation, characterization, and some crowd interaction. Let me know what you think? What options would you like to see? What options seem like “too much?”



Aw, come on. Albion xD? That’s been used in like 80 CoGs already.

I love the opportunity to say “You took an arrow to the knee.” :smiley:

“They’re like good horses with bad memory loss.” Ha!

Anyways, I’m really liking this so far. There are more than enough choices (in a good way) and they all seem to matter, and the writing is great.

I do think it would be cool if you added a few personal stats, though.

Also, here’s a coding error I found: “prologue line 378: increasing indent not allowed, expected 1, not 2.”

@Samuel Thanks! I tried to skip a line; I’m not finding the problem. Sorry about that…this one has been notoriously difficult to debug.

Albion, yeah, it was kind of leftover from other games haha. I’ll probably change it but I’m too lazy. I think at this point it’s just part of the satire :wink:

Oh, I bet. It seems like you just need to hit the backspace once for that line, and that should fix it.

Ah, gotcha. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m liking the game so far

Having problems with the indent but so far so good. Liking the tavern business, I have.

Can’t get the RPG monkey off your back huh? I like it a lot!

Awesome. I’d definitely like to see more of this. :slight_smile:

@Marethyu d20s for life! Haha.

@Samuel I have played through a few times and can’t find the problem. I tried changing it again, hopefully it works this time…Quicktest says its fine too.

@PotionsMaster It’s weird, because the game works for me, but that’s just me clicking the first option all the way to the end. I’m wondering where it’s going wrong?

@Morgan_R Thanks!


Yup. Solved the Barley feast indent problem by clicking the first choice all the time. I am hooked with my Varys the tavern master walkthrough.

Huh…a tavern owner who used to be an adventurer until he took an arrow in the knee? Eh sure why not? :slight_smile:

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@CitizenShawn I really love this! Nice idea.

I chuckled when selecting genders and saw “I am more complicated than that”

Got an error when selecting form 2 lines 1 for drinks and 1 for food

Prologue line 380: Increasing indent not allowed, expected 1 was 2

I love it!

@Everyone I’m glad you guys like it! It’s really annoying how it keeps bugging. The code is written right but maybe it’s just too many lines for one chapter (450?) or something…

It’s kind of annoying I feel like noone can make it to the end but I never come up with problems when *I* test it >_<

‘hiring woodsmythe’, should that be ‘hiring a woodsmyth’ ?

I like it though, unique idea and well written.

Early in the story you can get described as a patriarch of sorts, but it’s before you get to choose a gender (or not have one at all), might be better to switch to a non-gender specific one.

Well I managed to reach the end at least.

Gold: 470
Monthly Income: 450
Cellar: 10
Larder: 10

Loyalty: 34%
Gossip: 19%
Entertainment: 23%
Staff: 37%
Comfort: 23%
60% Dive
Bar features:
-Dining alcoves
-Attractive serving girls
-Regular musicians

A very very good idea, looking forward to seeing this realized. Perhaps some special ingredients or special drinks besides just a numeric value to represent quality? Every tavern needs a house-brew, even if it’s only an open barrel with a dead rat and some hay-straws floating in it, oh and the option to water down the drinks to increase profits but reduce quality would be nice. And perhaps a choice to what clientele to appeal to with beer (cheep, peasants, appeals to most), wine (expensive, classy people, less customers but higher prices) or rum (rowdy sailors and fighters, scares away housewives, elderly and children, more damage done to the bar but more adventurers) as the main drink. Oh and designing menues as well, deciding on local produce or more exotic stuff.

Get a local group as loyal customers, like a sewing club, or a group of elders telling tales, hunters, sailors, nobles.

Maybe some illegal activity on the side, like gambling, cards, dice, an opium den or a thieves guild/mafia hangout or a fighting pit maybe with slaves, adventureres or even lions or monsters. :smiley: Getting really excited here.

My only disapointment came when the serving wench didn’t like me just because I had chosen male, my personal preference is to make everyone bi-sexual in games. (I’m looking at you Bioware).

I liked it, it’s also nice to see a game where not every character will go for anyone, even if it cut my male out, because it’s a bit more realistic

@CitizenShawn Instant love of this game! I will definitely be keeping up to date on this one. Well written. This game shows such promise in it. Makes me feel right at home in this dear town, makes me want to open my own tavern =p.

Noticed a typo on the prologue page. “Nobles would invite you do dinner.” Should be “to.”

This looks quite promising! I like the idea of playing a character running a local establishment and trying to make it grow. I like MutonElite’s ideas and I’d personally love to see an emphasis on providing a sort of sanctuary for the townsfolk, amping up the PC’s reputation, and maybe even becoming something of a guide or mentor to worthy adventurers.

Then there’s the opportunity to get back at the person who gave you your career-ending wound. Maybe at some midpoint, you have to choose between leaving the tavern in someone else’s care (Arlene’s?) for a time or else abandoning your personal vendetta. Bonus points if you have the option to employ some of the adventurers you’ve met to help you.

Inexplicable double post. =\