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If you are in a romantic relationship with both of them, they don’t want you there cleaning the house for them for pay. To serve them both, they must be married, they must both like you reasonably well, and you must not be in an active romantic relationship with them.


If Frankincense is anything like Rory in that regard, The MC probably ends up doing it for free. :laughing:


i’ve been replaying this game for a while and i’m curious: does anyone know how to get the poly route option with rory and frankincense? tried looking up for choice guides but i still couldn’t seem to get it in the end ;_;

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If someone could tell me why the fuck I never get the option to row with Haze ?? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I keep trying and I just can’t figure why


If you’re going to row with Haze, Haze has to like you pretty well (at least 40). Also, if Inspector Ambrose is using you to catch Haze, then Haze won’t be available to compete in the boat race.


Does anyone have guidance on how to get the Monte Carlo, Shambles, or A Rainy Morning achievements?

Any help with A Little Teapot and The Miracle of Life would also be appreciated.

Monte Carlo is easy- be in a relationship with Haze, and have enough suspicion that Ambrose uses you as a part of his badly-planned trap. After that, simply continue your relationship with her/him and leave it all behind for Monte Carlo. This is my canon ending (in addition the the normal Haze ending).

Shambles and Rainy Morning both appear to be hidden, and I can’t remember how I got them. I’ll look back later, though.

Likewise, Miracle of Life and Little Teapot are both boat race ones (which can be a nightmare to get), and I can’t remember how I got them.

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I’m unclear on how to get the option to leave it all behind.

To get the option to leave it all behind and run away to Monte Carlo, start by romancing Haze while making sure that they have the highest suspicion. If Inspector Ambrose suspects Haze the most in the parlor scene, then he will falsely accuse you. After he takes you down to the station, he will explain that he has arrested you in order to lay a trap for the real Light-Fingered Lou. After the boat race, Haze will tell you that they’re running away; take this opportunity to insist on going with them. You and Haze will get in a boat, and Ambrose will spring his trap. Help Haze escape from Ambrose, and the two of you will go to Monte Carlo.

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I can’t remember if this is where you found Regina’s pet, the one where she gives him for you to petsit for the evening, or the one where you had him win the animal beauty contest in place of Primrose’s peafowls.

In any case, you’ll first find Shambles while investigating Regina’s room during Chapter 4. Pick up the letter right away to activate her trap (or use 10 mins to search and activate the trap anyway), do not throw yourself out of the window when the pet reveals himself and instead befriend or tame him. Having the backstory of being a lion tamer helps with this a lot.

In Chapter 6, Regina will invite you to solve Inner Circle matters (make sure to have >40 Observe or Intellect so you can notice her signal). She’ll give you Shambles to take along for the adventure, and that’s when you get the achievement.

A Rainy Morning

Choose to romance Valentine and convince them to stay in England for their acting career. You’ll need >70 Tranquility or they will still go back to USA.

A Little Teapot

Meet Firesnuff during the train ride in Chapter 2 (he’s in First Class) and convince him to make a bet where the loser has to do something embarrassing if they lost the boat race. Then, simply lose the boat race. Intellect has to be >35 or he won’t think it’s serious.

Annnnd I answered for Miracle of Life here:

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Just to note, but this is one of the game’s hardest stats checks. If you want to get this achievement, you have to plan for it; IIRC, it’s not easy to go down the Valentine path naturally select options that would land you the tranquility needed.


Does someone know if we can have a romantic scene with Frankincense the night of the heist? I know Haze and Rory require you to help Rory and Mopsie, and you meet Valentine if you stay for the night and take a stroll. I suppose the morse code has to do with the Inner Circle, so… can we meet Frankincese? In which path?

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You can meet Frankincense if they invited you to meet at the gazebo at midnight in an earlier chapter (either 4 or 5). They are available in any path as long as you got that invite, since the rendezvous takes place after the heist/peafowl wrangling/inner circle stuff.

Edit: As a side note, Haze works similarly in that participating in the theft isn’t required to meet them. They don’t invite you outright like with Frankincense, but they’ll be available to find as long as they point out the Roman wall to you (or give you an oak leaf) at some point in chapter 5.


how can you get the criminal ending?

Doing criminal acts the entire game and boosting skullduggery is a must. I don’t know if you have to be in a relationship with Haze, but I’ve only ever had the option when I’ve been in it. I thought that your skullduggery had to be over 70, but I just recently played a game and got it with 62.

Edit: as Gower pointed out, renown.

skullduggery > 60 and renown > 65.

The key is that you are becoming a notorious criminal.


Does anyone know how to persuade the conductor to let you in the first class? I’ve managed to do it once so I was surprised that I wasn’t able to do it in my next few tries.

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Hello, is there a way of accessing the full code if I’ve bought the game? I’ve been playing around with it for two months now, and I still can’t find all of the endings.

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This thread may help you to see the game code.

What endings are you looking for? I would wager someone around here has a sense of how to reach some of the obscurer endings and can guide you.