Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion

Well she was a former Spy/assassin who became a maid of many talents.
It’s from a very big japanese game saga, legend of heroes.

Can you guys give me tips on how to win the peacock and boat rowing events? I did the option where I tried to cheat but I was caught. It then affected my performance in the boat rowing race.

Damn this game is hard af. The stats are unstable which hampers my gameplay.

How detailed would you like your answers to be?

For the peacocks, it’s more important for you to be trusted by them. A good way to test this out is to let them decide if they want to go with the Grovers, or stay with you. If Orlando and co. did the latter, you’ll have a better chance of winning the contest.

You get the most opportunities to becoming friendlier with them in chapter 4 after helping Valentine with setting the table and in chapter 7 while taking a walk and ignoring both Mopsie’s and Regina’s plans, and meeting with Frankincense at the gazebo later that night. For the latter you need to set up a meeting with them first though.

If you plan on getting away with cheating (and, from what you said, I’m guessing you had to wear the “I Cheat at Exotic Animal Shows” sign?), make sure your Skullduggery is one of your better stats. Choosing to be a thief as part of your backstory will also make things easier.

It’s been a while, but I don’t recall anything else from the animal show that can affect the boat rowing event. Again, the most generic help I can give you is to play to your higher stats. Also, always pick the longest and most dangerous path, but that’s a personal choice.

Statswise, I would suggest picking 1 stat you want to leave behind and raising the other 5. I find Culture and Skullduggery to be the easiest ones to pick. Things should be less unstable then.

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I have my skullduggery up at 60 but still I get to wear that sign. Do you know the paths or choices I must do to raise it? I started out as a jewel thief, skullduggery, bold and intellect are my high stats. Skullduggery is the highest.

It’s been a while since I last played, but I found these two posts on the thread that should give you a boost when it comes to the boat race.

Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion. This one, by Urban, focuses on the boat stats themselves.

Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion. This one, which I wrote earlier this year, compiles most of the big choices associated with each fork through code-reading. If you’re not into that, which is very understandable, maybe you should steer away from it. But if you’re curious, I’d say it’s pretty fun reading the code; I’ve played the game dozens of times, and there were some paths that I never knew existed until I saw them in code form.

Hopefully this steers you into the direction you want. Good luck!


Skullduggery has to be >=65 with a thief background, or =>75 without.

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So in order to increase it I need to do some thievery like during the fox hunt I snoop around the rooms and steal some stuff?

And if I want to increase my standing with the peacocks I should do those as mentioned above? I did the helping Valentine/Valentina part because I cannot do the option where I dont help Rory lol. My PC is loyal to him.

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Stealing and so forth during the foxhunt will often test skullduggery rather than raise it, leading to all manner of amusement, but probably not your intended end.

In chapter one, though, you might make a habit of deceiving and lying–there are several good opportunities there. And think about deeds “best done in the dark” when you are preparing to have a fun evening Valentine and Galatea in chapter six, just to name a few juicy skullduggery raising moments.

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You should try it, just once. I think it will amuse you.

Thanks to all your suggestions! I’m gonna restart again and hopefully I can finish this game after months.

I hope that the next game is not that hard and also with checkpoints. Still goodluck with your game!

Also I tried the option where I did not help the both of them, and Rory’s reaction made me feel guilty lol. But yeah I will definitely try it.

I can say with a medium level of confidence that the checkpoints and the ability to mess with your stats midgame, will help you there. But let me know after you try it!

But don’t fear finishing the game even if you fail some checks. You’ll get a different story, but it’s not a fail state. I want you to feel relaxed and happy when you play, and the skill checks shouldn’t feel “hard” but instead like tools that help me guide you to different parts of the story. Failing things will lead you to new and exciting places. Tally Ho (and Cakes and Ale) has your back as a reader.


in the end there is no option to choose to go out with valentine :pensive: despite having a high relationship with her

I also play the game many times and I can’t get the ending where we’re actors

You must:

  1. Not have a romantic relationship with anyone else. (Actually, I think you can have had a romantic path with Haze, and that won’t be a problem.)
  2. Have a good romantic relationship with Valentine. (take a romantic stroll with them in chapter six with your relationship over 60, or rescue them from jail with your relationship over 50–those are the two ways that I can recall.) That will lock in the romantic relationship, and allow you to have the romantic epilogue with Valentine.
  3. To be an actor, you need to a) have Valentine go to Hollywood, and b) have either tranquility or renown over 70. That will allow you to have the acting epilogue.
  4. Once the romance is locked in, you can lose the lock-in by being mean to Valentine. But why would you do that?

I really made it hard to lock in the romantic path with Valentine, didn’t I? I wonder if I should have had you be able to lock in the romantic path in the Ferris wheel scene in chapter eight, too. I guess the thing that makes it tricky is realizing that you have to do neither of the obvious adventures in chapter six.

I’ll put it on my eventual to-do list to give you the option to confess your love for Valentine on the Ferris Wheel.


Weird question here! Seeing as how Orlando is described as a peafowl, and since how peahens will sometimes grow a peacock’s plumage in their latter years, is their name a reference to Virgina Woolf’s book/title character? Were Sanchi-san and Galatea literary references too?

It absolutely is. Good spotting. Galatea, aside from being one of the options for your robot in Choice of Robots, is the statue in the Pygmalion myth. And Sanchi-san is the name of a cat mentioned in the show Home Movies, and which I always thought was a great name. So as you can see, my references range from high to low culture with effortless ease.


@Gower i don’t know if valentine went to hollywood because in the end there was no mention of it! I was left with the doubt

If you don’t have a romantic relationship locked in with Valentine, they don’t feel like talking to you about their plans at the end. They’ll take off quietly. Doesn’t matter if you have a high relationship score.

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curiously as I mentioned before I had a relationship with her of more than 80+ and I did not have the option to tell me her plans
edit: anyway I’m going to play to see if by a miracle I get the option

I’ve never had any difficulty romancing Valentine, or locking their romance. I think I even managed to do it a couple times without taking the stroll in Chapter 6 (but I did help them set the table earlier). Definitely not representative of the general reader experience, but there’s that.

This might be a long shot, but maybe you’re not going with them to the Ferris Wheel? That’s where the MC and Valentine can talk about where their lives are heading going forward. Valentine’s route also involves figuring out their secret, which you can do before the dinner or during the nightly escapades.

As a funny side story, I can tell you that you can convince Valentine to pursue acting in England, although it is one of the harder checks in the game.


How do i serve Rory and Frankincense at the end? I managed to romance them both so why was it not an option?

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