Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


@Gower sorry about this, but I might have found another thing:

I’m not good to live with, I imagine, and I may you hate me by the tenth day, but I want to try.

I think there should be a “make” between those two words.


No sorry! This is great. I really appreciate you spotting these things!


Had to make an account just to comment on this thread. In my four or five years of playing CoG games (I think I’ve gone through at least two dozens of them—not a lot, but it’s become a habit to periodically get new games that seem interesting) I’ve never come across one as fun and engaging and replayable as Tally Ho. Also Haze’s my new fav CoG character and last time I had a fav was back in ’14. I mean, I love Rory too, but Haze is just crazy. In many senses of the word. And in the good way. His appearance sort of didn’t appeal to me in the beginning but as the story progressed it was impossible not to grow to love him.
I’ve got this game since a week ago and I’m still replaying it pretty much daily; still working on trying to romance Frankincense… he’s so unimpressionable.

Will be thrilled to see a sequel/offshoot no matter how connected to this game it will be; though, admittedly I’d also hope to see Rory and/or Haze again. Multiple endings do make a sequel tricky, but I’m thinking maybe it could be like how Choice of Romance did it, continuing the story in a sequel directly following one ending of the first game? So that other endings sort of exist in parallel worlds—at least that’s how I’d think of them, and view the sequel as just one possible continuation of the story. Anyway, just my idle fancies. Would support the sequel no matter what it turns out to be like.

On a side note, to be (too) honest, A Midsummer Night’s Choice was amongst my least favourite of CoG games that I only did one playthrough and didn’t really enjoy it. I’m going to give it another try soon-ish though. I’m thinking I was probably subconsciously expecting the wrong things when I first played it right after a read-through of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Eh, well, I made my MC in 3d and made him dance…
This is the point in life where I might think “what am i doing with my life” but you know what? This cog is awesome and my favorite so far so imagine the mc dancing like this when valentine turned on ‘sing sing sing’


I second that, Sir or Madam.


The world is a brighter place because of this, seriously.


I’ve been playing CoG games for years now and I absolutely adore this one. Out of curiosity, any one have any advice/know if it’s possible to be a charming thief and successfully win all the ribbons? I keep messing it up and having to restart all the way to the beginning of the game is slowly killing me. Is there a checkpoint system on the way also?


Yes, if you have high persuasion and high skullduggery then it should be almost trivial to get both blue ribbons.

Exotic Animal:


You will need either the peafowl or the Gila monsters to compete in this competition.
For the peafowl:
You must not let them go to India, so either have a high relationship with them or force them to stay when you find them with the children.
Your relationship with them will be your score for the competition, so treat them nicely.

For the Gila monster:
You must visit Regina’s room when the house is empty, because of the fox hunt. Then you must either dance to him (requires at least 101 culture + soothing if you aren’t a tamer or 71 culture + soothing if you are) or to talk to him sternly (requires soothing lower than 50 and persuade higher than 50 if you aren’t a tamer or soothing lower than 35 and persuade higher than 35 if you are one).
Later you will need to do the Dr. X mission and accept his help.
When the peafowl find the children, let them go to India and the Gila monster will take their place in the competition.
His score will be equal to your relationship with Regina, so do well in her missions and it will be easy to win the Exotic Animal competition.

In the competition:
Rattling Col. Firesnuff requires at least 76 abrasive.
Giving Aunt Primrose a pep talk requires at least 70 persuade for the highest bonus or 60 for the lowest bonus.
Primping requires at least 70 culture (or the gallery background and 60 culture) for the highest bonus or 60 for the lowest bonus.
Adjusting the score requires at least 75 skullduggery (or the thief background and 65 skullduggery) for the highest bonus or 65 skullduggery for the lowest bonus.

Advising Aunt Primrose to do nothing against Mopsie, will make her ask you money to buy a stimulant for the boat race. If you give it to your animal, it will raise their score. More money you spend on the stimulant, the higher the score will be.

Talking with Col. Firesnuff at the fox hunt about the Exotic Animal competition, can lower his yak score if you pass one of the checks.
The first option requires soothing lower than 40 and the second need intellect higher than 40 and persuade higher than 30. DO NOT PICK THE THIRD OPTION, it will raise his yak score.

If Tawdry Lace is published or is being revisioned, helping Aunt Primrose deal with it will lower the yak score a lot.
The first option needs persuade + bold higher than 115 (highest bonus) or higher than 110 (lowest bonus), the second needs persuade + intellect + soothing higher than 185 (highest bonus) or higher than 170 (lowest bonus), if you the real identity of Fifi you will need culture higher than 56.

Boat Race:


First you need to choose a boat corresponding to your stats. Pirate is Skullduggery, Barbarian is Bold, Abstract is a intellect and Pastel is Culture.
There are 3 stats for the boat: toughness, speed and prettiness, you will use one of them + one of your stats to pass the checks in the race.
Pirate : Speed ++, Tough + and Pretty -
Barbarian: Tough ++, Pretty + and Speed -
Abstract: Speed ++, Pretty + and Tough -
Pastel: Pretty ++, Speed + and Tough -

Winning the Exotic Animal competition will give you a bonus in your boat stats, while losing will decrease your boat stats.

Before the race start:
Posing in your boat requires the corresponding boat stats + Prettiness higher than 120 (highest bonus) or 110 (lowest bonus).
Shaming someone needs Skullduggery + Observer higher than 120.

First leg:
Focusing on raw speed requires boatspeed + bold higher than 120 (higher bonus) or 110 (medium bonus) or 100 (lowest bonus).
Ramming into someone requires bold + boattough higher than 120 (higher bonus) our 100 (lowest bonus).

Second leg:
If you tell speed is important, it requires bold + boattough higher than 120 (highest bonus) or 110 (medium bonus) or 100 (lowest bonus).
If you tell safety is important, it requires observe + boattough higher than 110 (highest bonus) or 90 (lowest bonus).
Ramming into someone requires intellect + observe + boattough higher than 150 (if you rammed the same person before) or 140 (if it is the first time you are ramming this person).

I will do the guide for the fork later.

Third leg:
Best possible speed requires (boatspeed * 2) + boattough + boatpretty higher than 200 (highest bonus) or 190 (medium bonus) or 170 (lowest bonus).
Soaking in the adulation requires (boatspretty * 2) + boattough + boatspeed higher than 200 (highest bonus) or 190 (medium bonus) or 170 (lowest bonus).

Giving Mopsie’s stimulant to your crew will help you win the race.


I started working on a checkpoint system, then got sidetracked by writing the outline for my next game. Sorry about that. I will get to it at some point. I see the need for it, and I don’t want my game to slowly kill you.


Uh, wow. That is unbelievable. Now he just needs three peafowl dancing along with him.

Maybe not.


That’s really a lot of help thanks! Is there a good way to boost your persuade or skullduggery or culture?


Being a thief helps with skullduggery, but more broadly, doing things like pickpocketing, lying, sneaking around and doing sleigh of hand tricks alao do it.

For culture, working at an art gallery is tour choice, along with giving Rory the oolong tea and saying how Aunt Primrose ought to be obeyed. Talking about paintings abd reading poetry also does the trick.


I’ve gotten an achievement, but I can’t get it anymore.
(Being able to not wear professor Hickory’s costume, and Figs not runnig away)
…How do I get it again?


You have to ensure that Figs manages to pull off the scam all the way through dinner.

Buying the best possible disguise will help a lot (The Sultan.) Beyond that, there are dozens of choices feeding into this particular feat, notably what you did with the painting, but a servant good at skullduggery, persuading, and observing will be pretty effective. (all the skills come into play in this section, but those three come up a lot, if I recall.)


To answer how you could do it, we need to know your stats and how much money you have.


If you can get Aunt Primrose to give Rory a big loan in the first chapter, the money will go a long way in helping you when it comes to Figs. Buying The Sultan becomes much easier then, and making Mopsie’s poem better* is also a safe bet.

Eventually, you’ll have to make an answer for FIgs. Doing something in character for the professor requires Intellect, I think, so it’s better to go with the answer that pleases Mopsie. If you have a high relationship with Rory, you can get them to help you.

Soon, the professor will be taken to the art collection, and if you had the chance to place Fig’s painting on display, it’ll help you. Just remember that to explain a painting to Miss Paterson you’ll need a bit of Culture and Observation.

On other news, I found a quiz where you can find which Shakespeare archetype you are. I think it’s pretty fun. I got the girl who’s always disguising herself as a boy for some reason.

*You can do it during the fox hunt. Regina will give you a chance to search the house for clues, and will give you a master key to all rooms. Going to Mopsie’s will make you find her poem.


Found a gender switch in the boat race when you’re in the third leg. I’m playing with a female Valentine and I think there was a male pronoun by accident.

“But before you can respond, Valentine sits straight up in her seat and runs a hand through her hair, dropping the oar to do so. “Passpartout!” he says. ‘Scrubs! Everyone!’”


Thank you! I’ll have that fixed in the next update.


I used Galileo costume to get Figs through dinner. Always needed to praise painting lavishly with Culture, and then say it was ‘voice of new generation’ to please Figs. Altering Mopsie’s poem is a new one on me.


Found another kind of weird thing.
After I searched the rooms and found Haze’s mask and a bit of map and I was able to talk to Haze and do the confront scene, she pointed out the green dye on my face. But, I passed the stat check and didn’t trip off the dye. Not sure what happened there.

Edit: Speaking of Haze. Found a typo.

You don’t understand me. You don’t understand the first thing about me, and I choose not you," says Haze firmly. “I don’t like way you think you know me, and you rub me the wrong way. And I have enough on my plate without that. It’s been a fine day, Passpartout, it’s a very dark night, and I want you to leave now.”

Should be “I don’t need like the way you think you know me”.