Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


Thanks! I think I’ve solved that issue, and it will go out with the next update!


So out of general curiosity, what’s the general best set up to get everything done ‘right’ i.e. winning the ribbons, getting Figs and Mopsie together, winding up in a happy poly relationship with Rory and Frankincense, getting accepted, etc?


Culture and Skullduggery are usually the best dump stats to take. In my experience, it’s better to pick a stat you don’t want to raise and keep everything else relatively high.


You can try this build:

Perfect servant

Name: Oscar Hudson

Your Sundry Skills
Bold: 77%
Culture: 15%
Intellect: 63%
Observe: 62%
Persuade: 71%
Skullduggery: 66%
Soothing: 21% Abrasive: 79%

Your Reputation
Renown: 95%
Tranquility: 83%
Suspicion: 36%
Invitation: 82%


What would be the best choices to get to this set up? I always seem to mess up abrasiveness in particular.


I think it’s better for you to see the code and plan your build. You can see it here:


Found a typo in Chapter 4:

She indulges in all sorts of little frisks and hops as you ride, and it look altogether rather impressive.


Found a typo during the boat race:

“I think you just make up these stories,” you say.

set win %-15 “At least, I…” he says, standing proudly and pointing to you. “At least, I…” he pauses again for maximum effect. “At least, I do not cheat at exotic animal shows.”


I must be looking right past it! What’s the typo there?


I think they mean the missing * at the *set command?


Thank you both! I’ve fixed that now.


Could anyone please tell me how can I get the peacocks to like me? I always choose to treat them gently and nicely and they still dont choose me at the end, I have to force them back.

I’d also like Frank to believe me if I lie and say I was the one who got them inside the house. (So far he doesn’t believe it because of the attitude of the birds)


You need to spend more time with them, like:
Staying with Valentine at the fox hunt and then taking care of the peacocks.
Not helping Rory with the heist and neither helping Regina with the Dr. X mission will let you have more interactions with the peacocks.
Helping Frank free the peacocks.

In my opinion it’s not worth the trouble if you aren’t going for the achievement.

The peacocks needs to like you more.


Thank you, I always choose to stay at the house and don’t help with the heist or do the Doctor X mission when I’m romancing Frank and I do always help him free the birds, (and of course treat the one that stole the key gently).

I’ve never, however, taken care of the birds during the hunt, definitely will try that out.

Thanks again!


Can you tell us the name of the scenes? I know the second chapter is train, but the rest aren’t so easy to figure out.


The scenes are listed in the startup:



Am I the only one who initially didn’t want to romance Rory but ended up still do? Lol


I just finished Tally Ho and it was utterly fantastic - I was giggling on every page and I love how @Gower made the failures feel hilarious rather than frustrating. I can’t wait to play it again and try all the plots I didn’t do the first go round. Haze was a wonderful romance too <3


Nope, happened to me too


I’m in a dilemma. Don’t know who to side with lol