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Now, a few tips:

Have you found two pieces of evidence to support you? If so, do you have the intellect to understand the evidence?

High culture and/or observe can also help you do it without any evidence, by chatting with Valentine during that scene.

But you can also go on when you muck things up–the game’s got your back. You’ll get more chances to have this scene, if you like.


Could someone please give me detailed information on how to romance frankincense


It gets a lot easier if you mention that the Mc and Frank had fallen deep in love with each other. After that, all you have to do is agree with most of their points, spend time with them on the hunt and you should get the invitation to go to the gazebo.


Oh ok i choose the affair option then sabotaged her engagement and finally confessed to her but nothing happened. Thanks for the info


Sabotaging a marriage would net you some disapproval even if she did used to love you, hahahah. Good luck romancing her now, though! Lol


I think there’s one that’ll give you more points besides the passionate affair, specifically “Frankincense and I had fallen deeply in love with each other.”.


This happens when you didn’t pass the stat check. For example if you try to be deceptive but you have low skullduggery, you will gain “engagement is on” points instead of “engagement is off” points.

@Hamza_Ali It is easier if your bulter or maid is abrasive according to the author. :smiley:

I really applaud @Gower with their coding skills in this HG. Very complex. XD


That’s pretty damn cool. So it’s like when you take a gamble and try to alienate them from each other during the hunt and if you fail it they actually get closer.


Thanks I’ll try again


It can be done with a soothing bulter or maid as well but it was difficult. XD

This was my final stats when I got Frank’s ending.

Final Stats

Your Sundry Skills
Bold: 23%
Culture: 61%
Intellect: 60%
Observe: 56%
Persuade: 64%
Skullduggery: 18%
Soothing: 67% Abrasive: 33%

Your Reputation
Renown: 87%
Tranquility: 75%
Suspicion: 37%
Invitation: 40%

Rory: 70%
Valentine: 46%
Frankincense: 94%
Aunt Primrose: 73%
Col. Firesnuff: 17%
Haze: 31%


Vital skill with Frankie is imitating a peacock.


I don’t know how to describe this but this was one of the purest choice of games I ever played? But really, this was one awesome experience and you became the reason of me reading through the story and laughing like a maniac at 4 freaking AM. 3 days long. I don’t regret anything.

This story was hilarious yet so sweet and, like 90 percent of all the other stories here, this one doesn’t stress me out when I make a bad choice. Normally I would feel so bad when I make a bad choice that influenced everything in a bad way, it felt like a punch from the writer to our face (which I liked, too, to be honest) but the outcomes of those “bad” choices were so hilarious and it was just really worth it.
OH, and Rory is the most precious thing ever and I will keep him with my mc forever and ever and ever. I mean, I just started my second playthrough (if you ignore all those resets) and yet again, I cannot ignore those precious romance options for Rory even when I tell myself to try and romance the other ones. But I WILL try and romance valentine this time. And I still need to get into the inner circle, too… I kinda ignored that one completely in my first playthrough :smile: :smile:


That is my win condition for writing Choice of Games. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.


Amusing failures are very good, but alas this game was long enough that I was more annoyed for going back to the start. I’m not playing Tally Ho over and over as much as some games, but it’s held my interest for longer with great writing and intricate plot/skill system.

Btw, question for the writer, are the ‘person willing to serve as a lady’s/gentleman’s servant’ options meant to be non-binary or genderfluid characters? I know that male personal servants for women and vis versa might not be historical, but I played those options as het MCs romancing Rory. The ‘knight x princess’ or ‘sweet clueless boy x smart-abrasive-tsundere-maid’ were too good.


The “servant” options are nonbinary options. They use “they” pronouns for the MC throughout the game.

I did consider have a male Rory/female servant or female Rory/male servant option, but that got left on the cutting room floor early on. My next game (of which more soon) will have those two options as well as the four in Tally Ho.


Will we be a servant again?

Edit: something for you to look at @Gower:

“You have…a little something on your neck, Hudson,” whispers Valentine with a snigger. “I guess you found something in that haunted house after all.”

You pull your collar a bit higher.

Rory glances at your neck, frowns slightly, and says nothing. You pull your collar a bit higher.

This phrase is repeated twice


The fact that there’s gonna be a next game gives me life.


Probably, although I had hoped to be more of the kind of dedicated public “servant” of the state and her people that sir Nigel is in Yes (Prime) Minister. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

I also don’t think it is a straight up sequel with the same mc, because I seem to remember it wouldn’t have our super-cute sneak-thief Haze in it, right?
And my main mc kind of goes where Haze goes these days. Although I guess it would be fun to pose as Haze’s “servant”, but there probably needs to be something he wants to steal/have very badly in order to make Haze behave like the perfect gentleman (in public) for the duration. :thinking:


Oh, then two of my MCs may have made surprising personal discoveries! I think the story works perfectly well as is with a het Rory/servant pairing, so I hope you’ll take it as a tribute to the multi-faceted appeal of romancing Rory if I keep reading it that way. I imagine you considered adding flavour text commenting on the scandalous nature of a het pairing, which would doubtless be flavour text as good as the rest of the story, but a little willing suspension is all we need, probably to be reading P.G. Wodehouse at all.


I’ll write up a teaser as soon as the outline gets approved. :wink: